November 11, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - shakes, art, and a fire

First of all, thank you SO, SO, SO much for your kind comments on Friday's post.  It's so nice to have that announcement out there and it made me so happy to read all your comments throughout the day.  It made feeling really sick a lot more bearable.  

While we haven't left the house a whole lot, I did take the kids to McDonald's the other day.  They've been troopers about being stuck at home so often.  One of the workers brought us a shake that was made my accident.  The boys were thrilled, so we got out three straws and had a party.  After a couple of sips Rex turned to me and said, "This is the life."  

Rex has seen me photograph is art, since we can't keep it all.  He decided to start doing that himself.  He had this giant witch (like almost as tall as me) that they made at school.  Since he couldn't get it all in one frame I have about 20 pictures of its different body parts on my phone now.  He cracks me up.

We've had SO much snow in the last two days and we've been home enjoying a fire.  We got well over a foot and it makes me happy to see it, but be inside staying warm.

The morning sickness never lets up, but I feel like I'm handling it a little better now that I'm really used to it.  It's the perfect challenge for someone who doesn't like to ask for help and who prides herself on getting a lot done in a day.  I'm learning.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.  Tomorrow starts Refashionista here!  I'm thrilled.  So even though I haven't been posting quite as much, you'll have 2 full weeks of awesome refashions to watch from some of my favorite bloggers.  I can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by.


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