December 14, 2012

Feature Friday - Biscuit Waffles

I'm not an incredible cook to start with, but on top of that our dinners have been dying a slow death since I've been pregnant.  Evenings are the worst for me and I can barely stand to look at food.  However, I saw this on Pinterest and the source is HERE.  You basically cook canned biscuits in a waffle maker and eat them as waffles.  It looked kind of fun to try and since it was ridiculously easy I gave it a shot.

And?  They were actually really good.  They didn't really taste so much like biscuits once they were covered in syrup, but they had the flakiness and slightly crispy outside of the biscuit.  The boys loved them and even my husband (who's fairly picky selective) liked them.

Have you tried any recipes on Pinterest that you love?  Does anyone have a link to a good baked french toast?  It's hard to choose from a lot of pins because you don't always know which one is the best.

Thanks for dropping in.


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