December 07, 2012

Feature Friday - Homemade Butter

Quite some time ago my friend Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home posted about making butter with her kids.  Her original post is HERE.  

I logged that idea away in my mind and thought it would be fun to try this Thanksgiving.  Things got busy and we forgot, but yesterday I remembered we still had the whipping cream I'd purchased so we got it out and tried our hands at making butter.

We got out a glass jar, a wooden bead, our cream, and a little salt.  Then the boys took a break from playing firemen and got shaking.

They liked the shaking for about a minute :)  Then it became my job, but I was excited to give it a try.

When we were done it was fluffy and creamy.  It's not hard like the butter you buy in the store.  It almost feels whipped.  (If you wanted yours to be harder, the process is different.  You can google it.)  This version was pretty cool though and we all really liked the butter.

So, if you want to let the kids help with Christmas dinner, you might want to let them make the butter.  For specific directions just visit Christie's post HERE.

Thanks for dropping in.


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