December 07, 2012

Feature Friday - Homemade Butter

Quite some time ago my friend Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home posted about making butter with her kids.  Her original post is HERE.  

I logged that idea away in my mind and thought it would be fun to try this Thanksgiving.  Things got busy and we forgot, but yesterday I remembered we still had the whipping cream I'd purchased so we got it out and tried our hands at making butter.

We got out a glass jar, a wooden bead, our cream, and a little salt.  Then the boys took a break from playing firemen and got shaking.

They liked the shaking for about a minute :)  Then it became my job, but I was excited to give it a try.

When we were done it was fluffy and creamy.  It's not hard like the butter you buy in the store.  It almost feels whipped.  (If you wanted yours to be harder, the process is different.  You can google it.)  This version was pretty cool though and we all really liked the butter.

So, if you want to let the kids help with Christmas dinner, you might want to let them make the butter.  For specific directions just visit Christie's post HERE.

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  1. Dumb question.... does it TASTE like butter?

    1. I did this with my elem classes when I taught school and it actually tastes like butter--maybe not as salty, but truly like butter. It's lighter, as Cheri said. It takes a bit to make butter- my classes would take turns shaking the jar while I read a story. Usually by the end of the book it was done. :)

  2. Anonymous7.12.12

    If you'd kept shaking for a while more (5-10 minutes), it would have gotten thicker, and then impossibly thick ... and if you keep shaking for about 90 seconds past the point where you think "too thick to shake any more, nothing's happening!" then all of a sudden, you end up with a big clump of butter at the thickness you're used to seeing, and some liquid. It's a fun thing to try :)

  3. That's not quite butter. keep shaking until it separates, then save the buttermilk for baking, add the salt after if you're planning on keeping the buttermilk.

  4. Cute firefighters. My son learned this before at school and taught us how to make it. And this city girl had no clue. We didn't have the bead though, still worked fine, maybe took longer? Happy weekend.

  5. Bade looks SO old!!! I can't believe it!

  6. I remember doing this in Pre-K. We all had our own baby food jar to shake, and all I can remember is thinking that it was so neat but took FOREVER for it to finally make the butter. It says something that I remember it.

  7. This sounds yummy! I'll have to try it with my little guy.

  8. another quick and easy way to do it is in the food processor! i did this recently and first it turned to whipped cream, then after a couple more minutes it got very thick and separated into butter and buttermilk. added a pinch of salt and was done! Best butter ever

  9. Thanks for linking, Cheri. For those who are concerned this isn't "real" butter, we still enjoyed the taste. Mostly it's just fun for the kids to eat something they made. :)

  10. When we did this we used 2-3 chilled marbles in the jar...sped up the process quite a bit

  11. I want to try this with my kids.


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