December 03, 2012

Glitter Peter Pan Collared Tee

When I posted this little number during Refashionista, I promised a tutorial for the shirt as well.  Here it is.

The other while browsing some children's clothing I came upon this shirt from JCrew and I thought it was so cute.  

I knew it would be easy to recreate using glitter instead of sequins, so I went to work and made this.

Here's how I did it.  I purchased a plain $4 tee.  It had a pocket, which I carefully removed.  You can see the outline of it here, but when you wash it it will disappear.

I laid some paper over the shirt and sketched a collar.  I cut it and adjusted it until it fit correctly.  I also took the paper and folded it in half to make sure my drawing was symmetrical.

Then I traced my collar onto my Tulip Glitter Transfer Sheets.

I double-checked the fit....

...and then peeled off the top layer.

I set a sheet over the collar and then ironed it on place.

And that was it.  I like $4 a lot more than $42.

Dress it up or down.  I sewed on some little buttons along the middle strip later (which you can see in the very first picture of this post).

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Oh my word!!! Completely adorable! Thank goodness I'm finally getting some nieces in the family! Cute and easy, I love it!

  2. so cute! i just saw this stuff at the store last week and it's got my wheels turning. love this idea!

  3. My two year old daughter caught me looking at this and immediately started yelling "That's mines shirt! That's Mines!" (She really is appreciative, and not terribly bossy... all the time ;) ) Anywho, I guess I know what my next project is :D

  4. I am going to have to get my hands on that glitter transfer paper! Great tute.

  5. Where did you get that glitter transfer paper? That is some seriously cool stuff! Love the shirt and the whole look.

  6. Found this tutorial. Fell in love! Had to make one for my Princess. Of course there was ketchup from her basketball hot dog on it within seconds, but it was well worth it.

    Here's a link:

    Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  7. Just so cute and easy! What little girl doesn't like(love) a little more glitter!!?!?
    I love the "I am Momma, Hear Me ROAR!" title to your blog!
    What Momma doesn't need to ROAR to be heard! :o)
    (It's not a very fun/lively house if you don't need to ROAR!)


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