December 22, 2012

Soapbox Saturday - Because It Matters

I believe that people have good intentions.  I believe that people do want to help and to be needed as well.  However, I also believe that one of the most discouraging thoughts preventing us from doing great things is the idea that our simple gesture won't matter.  And so we often give in before we begin.  Well, what if I told you that every little gesture did matter.  I truly believe it does.  Even little gestures change lives and hearts - particularly our own.

In fact, here's one small gesture you can make that will take less than 5 minutes and cost the price of a stamp.  Katy from No Big Dill posted HERE yesterday about a sweet young boy who has cystic fibrosis.  He isn't expected to live much longer, but his wish or dream is to beat the world record for the most Christmas cards received.  Wouldn't it be fun to make his day?  I know it's really close to Christmas, but I bet the cards count even if they're a little late.  Here's his address:

Dalton Dingus 
HC 62 Box 1249 
Salyersville, KY 41465

It'd be a great activity to let your kids participate in.  Just get out some paper and markers.

And in case you're thinking it really won't matter, do you remember that little girl scout group I posted about HERE who was gathering gloves for the homeless?  I thought it'd be fun to share a report with you.  

Here's part of an email I received from Kayla's mom:

"The girls had set a goal of 300 pairs by October 1st. Yesterday we took as many of the girls as we could and personally handed them out to the people waiting in line at a food bank in Wichita, KS. I'm excited to report that our final count was somewhere around 350 pairs!! We received boxes and envelopes from all over the country thanks to your readers. We also spent six months of asking everyone we could think of for donations. It was very humbling and rewarding watching the girls get to hand them to the recipient and tell them "I'm a Girl Scout and I brought these gloves just for you". THANK YOU for helping Kayla and the troop surpass their goal!! I'm attaching a photo of the girls at the food bank right before we began handing them out. Please excuse the poor quality, it was a "caught in the middle of chaos" iPhone photo ;)

Again... THANK YOU. From both Kayla and myself. We truly appreciate your help!"

Here they are handing out the gloves at the food bank.

And here they are with their empty baskets afterwards.

Thanks for your help and generosity!  You made a difference.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Literally tearing up! Must go, I have a card to make. Merry Christmas.

  2. In the mail! Thanks for sharing : )

  3. Anonymous22.12.12

    Sent mine today!

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