January 03, 2013

Huge Chalk Sign under $10

You've all probably seen the pretty chalkboard art on Pinterest.  I love how it looks, but chalkboards kind of make me cringe.  When we moved into this home there was a chalkboard half wall in the playroom and the carpet had this thick yellow dust from all the chalk.  Chalk is messy stuff, but then something made me change my mind at the Home Depot the other day.

I went in to buy a sheet of MDF in this section to use as a canvas.....

.....but then I found this.  It's s pre-made chalkboard and it was less than $10.  It was also huge - 2'x4'.  Plus, there's no need to buy the chalk board paint, etc.

I figured that it would lean well on my giant shelf and I could change the sign when I wanted to, so I decided to go for it.  I could even take it outside to draw on it, so the mess wouldn't be inside and I could leave it high on the shelf where it would't get smeared all the time.  (It was way too cold to go outside yesterday though.)

For the first design, I was completely inspired by THIS quote and sign that I pinned a long time ago.

To make it I first drew the words like this.

Then I thickened them up till they looked like this.

And now it's on the shelf and I'm kind of excited to change it when I want to.

And here's a better view of where it sits in the room.

So now I've succumbed to the chalk board hype....but I really do love it.  I might even frame it at some point.

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