January 21, 2013

Mommy School - Painting Fun

This week's mommy school activity was really simple, but the boys loved it.  It was an art project.  We were at Hobby Lobby and their cardboard/paper mache stuff was on sale.  I let the boys each pick one thing they wanted to paint.  They were each around a dollar.

We headed home and got out our paints.  For Baden, I made sure he was using the washable paints.  He just kind of globs it on still, so these are great since they come out of clothes.

Rex convinced me that he was ready to handle the "real" stuff.  Yes, I got out my Martha Stewart paints for the little guy.  He felt seriously cool.

It's so fun to see how happy they are to create something - especially when they get to make all the choices.  I was the official brush washer for them as they changed colors.

And here's the end product.  Rex chose to write on his with a Sharpie afterwards, since painting pictures and words is a lot harder than drawing them.  Are you surprised that he decided to make it into a superhero box?  

And Baden's been filling his little mailbox with all sorts of random stuff.

The thing I love most about Mommy School with my kids is simply how happy it makes them.  It's not just time with them, but time for them.  And they are growing so quickly that it scares me at times.  I still loose my patience more often than I'd like to, but I feel like I've learned to really enjoy motherhood more and more in the past year.  I love teaching my boys.  It's kind of like that whole I'm-their-tour-guide-of-life analogy I like to make.  It's a beautiful world and I'm glad I get to be the one to show it all to them.

Thanks for reading.  I'll show you the Lego stuff in the playroom tomorrow.  See you then.


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