January 13, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - a girl, flannels, and playroom updates

It's been a week full of reasons to be thankful.  I am most thankful to know that everything looks good with the baby and it's kind of an extra bonus that it's a girl :)  I grew up with all girls and no brothers.  I'm excited to have a sidekick to do girly stuff with.  Thanks for your kind comments about our announcement.  I'm glad you all enjoyed Baden's video as much as I did.  

I'm almost 19 weeks now, so here's a belly shot.  You can see the progress in the bathroom and my belly in this shot (though it looks as though I'm carrying a second baby in my bum :)

Yesterday we got lots of time to hang out as a family and all my boys happened to wear flannels.  I secretly adore men in flannels.  It's partly from my Wisconsin upbringing and my partly from grandpa.

Lastly, we made some fun playroom updates for the boys that I'm excited to share.  The boys were so thrilled with what we did and I'll give you a peek this week.  Here's one of Rex's latest drawings.  I never get sick of seeing kid drawings.

And that's it.  I hope you had a great week, too.  Thank you so much for reading my blog.


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