January 24, 2013

the Bathroom Renovation - part 3

We're still deep into the bathroom renovation.  The guy doing our tile finally finished the other day and that was exciting.  He didn't come on a normal schedule, so it took a long time and it kind of felt like he was living with us for a couple of months.  He did great work, though, so we're happy.

Here's the shower.  It needs a door still.  The wall to the left separates the tub and the shower and it's the same height as the board and batten that will go around the room.

Here's the tub.

I am really happy with our tile choice.  I love it.  Here's the wall color for above the board and batten.  It's like a pale-limey-yellow.  It's called "Summer Resort" by Behr.

The previous owners painted stripes, so there's a lot of sanding to do because you can feel the edge of the paint on all the stripes.  It'll just take some fine sand paper and a lot of elbow grease.

I'll paint the vanity cupboards a medium gray.  We removed the countertops.  They didn't match the new tile and my husband has a great contact in the granite business, so hopefully it won't cost much.

Here's the beginning of the board and batten, where the toilet goes.  It will have a little ledge on top and it'll all be white, though I've been thinking a pale gray could be so pretty.  Hmmm...

It'll still probably be a couple of months until it's all totally done, but the toilet will go back in soon and that's what I've missed the most :)

Has every renovation you've done taken a whole lot longer than you thought it would?

Tomorrow I'm going to show you the first shoes I've ever sewed.  They are for the baby and they were actually really easy to make.  (If you follow me on instagram @mommaroars you got a sneak peak the other day.)  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. the tile is beautiful!!!!!! every reno does take longer than expected. we were supposed to have our basement redo done by thanksgiving and just this past weekend everything is in and i can hang artwork. hang in there, your waiting will be rewarded! also doing a project preggers, is tough!!

  2. Cheri,

    I am so glad for you. There is nothing like seeing the end of a home project in sight. Do you think you will be done in time for the new baby? Are you decided on a name?


  3. Beautiful! How have you managed being pregnant and having no toilet! That must be torture! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  4. Thats the exact floor tile that we are planning to put in our bathroom! Did it end up costing you a lot for it? We're actually going searching today.

    1. Then you have to drop me an email! I'll give you the links on Amazon for what we bought. We shopped locally and Amazon (even with the shipping) was half the price.


  5. oh wow! Love the shower!!

  6. Anonymous24.1.13


  7. Yes- the tile is amazing... along with the gorgeous view out the window!

    All of our remodel projects have taken longer than expected AND been more expensive than we planned- but we always love it when it's finished!

  8. Looks amazing!!! Love that tile!

  9. Looking so nice! I love the tile and the color.
    We redid our master bath in our old home. We put in a full glass and slate shower. Umm what my husband told me what was to take a month took a year!!!!!

  10. The bathroom is absolutely gorgeous. I love the tiles you used on the floor. I think light gray would be lovely in the bathroom. Although yellow and gray seem to be an obsession of mine lately.

    I didn't know you were on IG! Fun. I can't wait to see the baby shoes!

  11. Your tile is beautiful, and will look great with the board and batten. Love your jack-in-the-box too. (popping out of the sink hole)

  12. The master bathroom redo in our previous house took almost a year from the day we peeled off the ugly wallpaper until the day the last piece of trim was calked and painted

  13. It looks fantastic! I need to start on mine, but I'm overwhelmed, where to start, bathrooms are hard, it takes alot of orchestrating!


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