January 17, 2013

The "Big Boy" Playroom - Part 1

About a year ago I moved my craft area from the basement into the main level office.  It's been much more efficient and the change was great.    We have the existing playroom in the basement (which is designed more for toddlers and you can see it HERE) and then this past week we made use of some existing toys and items things to make the old craft space a "big boy playroom."  That way the baby will still be able to use the other playroom and there's a separate room to keep Legos and things that she shouldn't have around her.

So today I'm showing you part of the new space.  I had a pegboard in the craft room that I found in the oops pile at the Depot.  I didn't want to take it down, but I wasn't sure how to best use it for the boys.  Then I saw THIS the other day.  Bam.  I loved the idea and went to work.

Here's our pegboard area now.  (Please excuse the weird coloring in the pictures.  I have a hard time getting good shots in the basement.)

We already had the little buckets there from the craft room (from Ikea),  I just filled them with rubber bands and dowels.  I didn't use colored pencils for dowels like the original idea because I figured that would add up quickly.  Instead I bought a bunch of 1/4 inch dowels.  My dad cut them into 2.25" pieces and I sanded the ends to make them easier to get in the holes.  They fit tightly enough that they hold the rubber bands well, but not so tight that the boys can't get them in and out.

I had a little fun playing and designing myself.

I thought about lowering the board, but then I thought about my boys and what they love.  I figured the a couple of stools to climb up on would feel a lot more fun.  These are from Ikea.  I might spray paint them red in the future, but it's been too cold to spray paint around here.

The pegboard is fun, but kind of educational as well.  It's great for working on shapes or even letters like this geoboard I pinned HERE.

Now I'm just hoping it's a while before the boys realize they can have rubber band wars :)  They don't really know how to shoot them yet.  Look out.

And here's a teeny sneak peak at what's next to the pegboard.  I can't wait to show you the rest next week.

Thanks for reading.


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