January 01, 2013

The Flying Squirrel Trapeze Team

SIDENOTE: If you missed yesterday's post which I posted kind of late you might want to read it.  It's HERE and it talks about my new schedule for the blog this year.

I have a sister who we like to tease because she's seriously afraid of squirrels.  You know...the cute cuddly animals that won't even let you get near them?  Yeah, those.  So she receives a lot of squirrel stuff from the family because of it.

I designed this t-shirt to make some for my boys and hers.  The boys get pretty squirrely when they are together, so why not the Flying Squirrel Trapeze Team?  

Because this design was pretty intricate I used my cutting machine (the Silhouette) to cut it.  Had it been a simple design I would just use an exacto knife to cut the freezer paper.  I ironed the paper to the shirt to make it seal.  (If you haven't tried freezer paper stenciling you can find a video tutorial I made of it HERE.)

I used the Tulip soft fabric paint, which is my favorite.  I painted it with two coats and removed the paper.

I placed a sheet over the shirt when it was dry and ironed it to heat set the paint.  And now Baden is ready to tease his aunt.

Now Baden is old enough to start hamming up his photo shoots.  I didn't pose him or his hat.  That's just a full dose of Baden for you :)

Remember when we had that boy shirt contest?  Would any of you be interested in having that again?  (For those of you who don't remember it was a contest to design a boy's shirt and we had some fun prizes.)  Let me know.

Thanks for reading.


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