February 25, 2013

Mommy School - Phy Ed Fun

On Friday I shared some ideas to do with a cardboard box and one of them was a slide on the stairs.  Well, one of you awesome readers mentioned that you used to do that with a foam mattress on the stairs.

We happen to have an extra twin mattress in the basement, so I got it out and put it on the stairs for our "Fun Friday."  I had plans to make a full obstacle course, but the boys had so much fun with it that I never added anything more.  They played on it the ENTIRE weekend happily.  No joke.  They came up with different moves they could do on it and even named some of them.  (The "mashed potato" and the old man's hop" were my favorites.)  

And there was just enough room for them to get back up the stairs.

So maybe you don't have a mattress you want to put on the stairs or maybe this is a bit wild for you.  One of the best secrets I've learned from my mom is to make "races" or "obstacle courses" for my kids.  On those days when they just need to get some energy out this is perfect.  For Rex I might say, "For this race I need you to run upstairs, do a somersault on my bed, jump on your bed three times, come downstairs, and then get in the recliner and shout 'My mom rocks!'"  Then he wants another challenge.  I can even sneak in occasional chores for them to do within the race.  Both of my boys will keep at that for almost a half an hour and they especially like to be timed.  I know it all sounds silly, but they love it.

So, here's a short, little video of them first trying out the mattress.

What do you do when your kids need to get some energy out?  I'd love to hear your ideas, too!  Thanks for stopping by.


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