February 03, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - brothers, bellies, and thoughtfulness

This week we were cooped up in the house a whole lot, waiting for different workers to show up for the bathroom (who always seem to show up days later than they say).  There was a lot fighting between these two, but then there were also those perfect little moments when they were so kind to each other.  Those moments help to forget all the rest.  It doesn't take much more than seeing a sweet picture of them together or peeking in on them while they sleep and then I'm recharged again.  I'm so glad they have each other.

And here's the belly and bathroom progress - both at about five months.

I am always touched when someone thinks of me - especially when it's someone who has some hard things going on in their own life.  Laura from Ms. Smartie Pants has been one of my favorite people I've "met" through blogging.  She is amazing and kind.  She sent me part of a suede coat she wasn't using so I could make more baby shoes.  How kind was that?  Thanks, Laura!

Thanks for reading.


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

oh my goodness girl- you look great. I looked like that at like, oh, 14 weeks. Swears.

Аленушка said...

It difficult for me to count in months,I prefer counting in weeks)) You look great!! I'm 24 weeks and my belly is bigger( especially after dinner))
Aljonushka from faraway Belarus

Craftcherry said...

The other day I almost skipped our little preschool class because my boys were getting along so well. It's such a magical time when they are getting along and just being buddies isn't it?
You look amazing!!

Siobhan said...

Looking so good Cheri!! I agree that brothers getting along is a beautiful thing.

The Miller Five said...

Love that pink suede! Pretty!

Lindsay said...

You look great! I hope I look like that when I'm pregnant. :)

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

You are too kind, thank you and ditto!


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