February 24, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - personalities, 100 days, and salsa

This little guy can be quite a stinker and a charmer.  He is extremely honest like his daddy.  He'll tell me that my soup is pretty good, but not the best he's ever had.  He'll call me out on a bluff.  And on occasion he'll tell me I'm gorgeous.  I love having boys.

This little guy makes me work so hard for a smile when I get the camera out.  His bright mind and crazy eyebrow win me over quickly.  He's an absolute momma's boy and I love it.  He's also 90% me and I get him.

It all makes me wonder what our baby girl will be like.  It's so fun how each soul has such a distinct personality.

This week Rex hit 100 days of school and they had all the kids dress like they were 100 years old.  He sported my fake glasses, a flannel, suspenders, slicked hair with a little flour in it to make it gray, and some Crocs.  I kind of wish I could dress him like this every day.

I have been on a serious salsa-making kick lately.  I just can't get enough.  I made 4 batches this week.  I know.  I have a problem :)  I'm trying to perfect a recipe so I can cross that off my life list.  (I've now crossed off number 2,7,10,11, 14, and 15!)

Things have been busy, but good.  I'm trying to just really enjoy this time with just my boys before the baby arrives.

I hope you had a great week, too.  Thanks fore reading.


Ann said...

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful week! Salsa is delicious. Hope you share your amazing recipe once perfection is met!

Haley @ Ever Never Again said...

My son also recently told me dinner was really good, but not great. : ) Here's my favorite salsa recipe if you are looking to try others:
Hope you are having a good weekend!

Kristal said...

Maybe she'll be sassy and spicy after all this salsa;)
Seriously try some canned tomatoes! I find they make a less watery salsa. Maybe a combo of the two?

McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam said...

That 100 day picture is so cute! I am that way with salsa all of the time! That looks delicious!

Jan said...

Love the 100 day pic! When you've perfected that salsa recipe, make sure to post it. I'm in need of a killer salsa recipe and the pic of yours looks amazing!!! :)

Unknown said...

I could just eat Rex up in that little outfit. If your girl is anything like mine she'll be sugar and spice ;) Sweet enough to have her daddy absolutely wrapped around her little finger but sassy enough to give you the giggles!

Marcy said...

I don't have kids of my own but watching my niece and nephew grow up there are so many personality traits that you can tell they inherited because they're almost unnervingly like my mom or me or my sisters. But they come together to create such a unique individual.


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