February 17, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - v-day, new foods, and pics of us

It's been a good week.  It was fun to see the boys excited about Valentine's Day.  Our favorite tradition is taking flowers, valentines, and treats to nearby widows.  Some of the most amazing people I know are widows.  I deeply admire their strength and faith.  

Costco had tulips so we bought our flowers there.  I love tulips.  They scream spring and I cannot wait for spring this year.

We've been having fun trying out new foods this week.  We tried kale chips and we're still juicing a lot.  This pineapple, apple, orange, carrot, strawberry juice we made was amazing.

A lot of you recommended the Cuisinart stick blender so my husband got me one for valentines day.  I'm in love (with him and the blender).  I made homemade salsa in the dish attachment.  It only took a few minutes to make and I felt seriously cool having made yummy salsa.  (Sidenote: If you need a stick blender it was only $29 at Costco with all the extra parts included.)  I even made Portuguese soup AND the boys loved it.  Victory!

This little bump has been growing.  I'll have to get a better shot of it next week.  I'm almost at 24 weeks now.  Yay.

And because I didn't post any from Aleida's challenge yet this month, here are some of the boys WITH me.  I need to get my husband to take some with my good camera.  The phone ones aren't quite the same.

I sure you hope you had a great week.  See you tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting.


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