February 26, 2013

The Nursery - part 1

When Baden was a baby this is what his nursery looked like.  You can see more of it HERE.  Now that  a girl is on the way I have some big plans to revamp the room.  

While it won't be done for a couple of months, I thought I'd share all the plans in my head for fun.  There's a lot of work ahead because frankly, the room looks like this right now.  Ugh.

When we bought a king bed for our room last year and I figured we wouldn't be able to have more children, we moved our old queen into the room to make it a guest room.  However, we don't have a lot of guests and it became the room where I did laundry and ironing.  So, the bed has to go and the crib gets to come back.
The first thing to change is the wall color.  I'm going to paint it a color that I don't have in any room of the house......wait for it.....wait for it....WHITE!  Crazy, huh?  I want it to feel really fresh and bright.  It'll probably be something like Swiss Coffee from Behr.  Since the current carpet is now darker than it was before, the dark brown walls are just too much.
I purchased this fabric at JoAnn's a while ago.  I am in love with it.  It has all these bright girly, citrus colors in it.

Ideally, I'd like to take the doors off this closet and have it look pretty.  I'm seeing more shelving and some cute bins.

I found these bins at Target when we were in California.  I'm sure they probably had them at my Target back home, but that was a chance I couldn't take.  We squeezed them in our car on our trip because I was in love.  I'm glad my husband gets me - even though he probably thinks I'm crazy.

The crib will go on this wall with hot air balloons and clouds above it.  You'll get to see some of those on Thursday.  I don't want to spoil all the details.

The shelf will be removed and I'll hang a group of things above the dresser - a different shelf I already have, some quotes, and pictures etc.

I love this wall I found on pinterest for inspiration.

 This chair will get recovered (which it already has been once).  Not sure on the color yet.

And that's the plan.  I'm leaving out some details so there's more fun to share later.  I can't wait to get started, but I still have more work in our bathroom to finish up.  We are finally showering and functioning in there again which is awesome.  However, there's a lot of painting, sanding, and woodwork to finish it off with.

Thanks for dropping by.


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