March 01, 2013

Feature Friday - Men's Shirt to Boy Tee

Earlier this week Dana from Made posted THIS tutorial and pattern for a boy tee.  I've been meaning to draft some patterns for more boy clothes, but it doesn't get easier than printing her pattern off.  So I did. Then I took this shirt that my husband wore a ton back when we were dating and first married and I turned it into a t-shirt for Rex.

It's extra fun to me because of the meaning.  It's the article of clothing I associate with dating my husband and now it's worn by his mini-version.

Dana's tutorial is awesome.  She is always so thorough.  Even if you've never sewn a shirt before, you'll feel like you can do it after reading her post.

So here's the little man in it.  He wanted it to say "mini dad" on it, so I did a quick freezer paper stencil and mixed some paints to match the shirt.

He's even trying to learn some of daddy's skateboard moves.

 Thanks for the great tutorial, Dana.  And thanks to all of you for stopping by.


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