March 21, 2013

Garage Organization Tips

Last weekend my husband and I took the plunge and cleaned out our garage.  It took about 5 hours, but it was well worth it.  I should have taken a before shot, but just imagine that it was filthy and not well organized.  I love tackling an unorganized area of our home because it suddenly becomes useful again.

Here are a few things we did and a few things I'd like to do.

1) After moving around our shelving to better locations (i.e. places where the car door wouldn't smack into the shelves ever) I started grouping things.  I tried to put the things I used the most on the more accessible shelves.

I am a sucker for nice, orderly bins, but buying them can add up quickly.  As I was telling my husband we should go out and buy some bins I realized that I had a few cardboard boxes waiting to fit into the recycling bin.  Duh!  I decided to use them instead.  I cut off the flaps and added some chevron duct tape that I found in the dollar bin at Target..... 


.....and we had great new bins for the shelves in no time.

2) There were already hooks on a wall of the garage.  I tried to hang the cords and ropes that I didn't want the boys to play with up high, and I put things I wanted them to reach down low.  

I purchased a few cheap buckets and filled and labeled them for the boys.

3) We still need a place to coral the bikes.  The bikes end up being spread in different places right now, but I'd love to have an assigned place for them.  I have had THIS pinned forever and hopefully I'll get some time to build something similar this summer.  I would need to make it one-sided to fit against the wall in the garage, though.  I don't know if it'd be cheaper to make with PVC pipes or just with scrap wood.  We'll see.

4) We swept out the area really well and then used a shop vac to suck up the piles.  I find that it's easier to empty the vacuum then carry the dirt everywhere in a dust pan.  Plus, the vacuum is great to use in areas that are too hard to sweep in.  It's also great on the work bench too.

I think we bought our shop vac for around $30 when we first got married and it's been awesome for our cars and all sorts of projects.

5) We tried to clean up the work bench area.  Here's the problem I often face.  I don't like to bring in the entire heavy toolbox when I have a small project so I end up going out to the garage 50 times for each individual thing I need.

We also have this weird space between the table top on the work bench..... I purchased a little organizer for it.  Then I stole out all the items from the toolbox that I use frequently.  That way I can bring the whole organizer into the house when I have a little project and I won't forget to put everything back either.

So the garage is ready for the summer now (and so am I).  I always find that I enjoy spending time in the places I've organized.  Now I don't have to crawl over 50 things to find a chair to sit on while the boys ride their bikes.  Everything is where it should be.

Do you have any garage organizing tips?  Feel free to share in the comment section.  You guys always have such great ideas.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. love the idea of having the tools you use most in a little bin that is easy to grab!! i actually have my tiny set of tools that I brought to college under our bed. so when i am upstairs and i want to hang something or tighten the shower handle, i can just grab the tool and do it.

    we are about to tackle our garage when it gets warm out. i was dreading it but after seeing this, i am motivated to have a nice space again! thanks so much!!! and i love your use of boxes with tape, super cute!

  2. Awesome. Right now our garage is full of boxes from us moving out and moving home, still living without everything that is hanging out in there. I really need to get in there and get rid of some of it and put the rest of it back up, as it doesn't look like we will be moving back out anytime soon :( I do know that I don't want our garage to go back to how it was, like EVER!

  3. So jealous! Organizing the garage has been on our to-do list for a long time! We're just waiting for the weather to warm up! I love the idea of repurposing the boxes-I love the look of having everything organized and matching but it can get so costly! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good job! It's a tough project. I would suggest--however obnoxious--getting your bikes up on the ceiling or on the walls. My kids bikes take up so much room when I have them lined up, but I hardly notice when they are on the wall. You just have to be willing to get them down ten times a day.

  5. once i get started on a project like this i enjoy it, but its the starting that's the problem!!! lol garage looks great and i love that you used boxes- i do this all the time!

  6. Great job! I gotta get busy on ours!

  7. Love a good garage cleaning! We need it to be just a tad warmer here before we can tackle ours but now you've got me excited to jump right in! Thanks for all the easy and cheap ideas!

  8. peg board by the tool/work space. it helps to keep some things that are used often up on peg board. especially if they are things that are weird to store in shelves/drawers. and it helps me see where things go, because I forget where my hubby likes to store things. we actually found the pegs at sears on clearance.

  9. A couple things I have pinned, a scooter rack and a bike rack, both made from 2x4s, we have made them both and they make a huge difference. In the winter we put the bikes up on hooks and during the summer my van gets kicked out of the garage and the bikes all come down, but the racks have kept them WAY more organized!!

  10. The husband and I always say that our shop vac was the best wedding present we got! It has gotten the most use (and still works perfectly) of any other gift. It is now our go to gift when we see it on a wedding registry!

  11. I love how you made the cute flag out of the tape for the helmet bike. Very cute! And I haven't seen that bike rack idea, I will definitely remember that one for later. I have used washi tape to make labels in my pantry and office, but I'll have to remember the cute duct tape for bigger items. We don't have a garage, but we have a shop...and it's my husbands. We're still working out organization on that one... :)

  12. Nice job! The tape was a great find. I wanted to thank you for how you truncate your feed. I understand your need to truncate and I appreciate that you have chosen to allow a decent portion of your post, including a picture, through RSS readers. It helps me to know whether or not I want to click through. I have recently stopped following a few bloggers who are only letting a sentence or two through. Often it's not enough for me to know whether or not I want to read it, so I find it a waste of time to read their snippet. Your content is so great that I usually click through every time, especially since the beginning of your post draws me in and I have to finish it. Thank you!

  13. Digging the idea of that diy bike rack...I'm kinda hoping you'll make it first, so we can see how easy/hard it is!

  14. I cannot wait for it be warm enough to get some good spring cleaning and organising in. Our garage is a mess and I will be so happy when it is done! Oh, and way to go on using what you have instead of going out to buy new boxes.

  15. Cheri,

    Very nice! I had a small tool box when my husband and I got married. His large one is in the garage and my small one is in the basement. I also have a box of tools in my craft room, which is on the third floor, so I have small screw drivers and such handy for crafts.


  16. My husband build a loft area over part of our garage and it holds all of our off season items (snow shovels, sleds, etc in the summer/hoses, fertilizer and grass seed, etc in the winter). It's been a lifesaver, but we do find that we need to take everything down every now and then to see if we really need all of the items. They can kind of be forgotten when they're out of sight.
    I'm waiting and waiting for our weather to warm up so we can organize our garage for the spring/summer. Yours looks great!

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