Differences Between a Baby Swing and Bouncer – 2024 Mom’s Guide

Now that your baby has arrived, you might be thinking about buying a baby swing.

Or would a baby bouncer be better?

What’s even the difference between a baby swing and a bouncer?

If you are a new mom, it’s easy to get carried away thinking about the distinction between the two.

In most cases, you may only need to purchase JUST one of them. And in some cases, you may need both of them.

Unless you’re an experienced mom, you never know which one is best.

In this article, I set out to analyze the differences between a baby swing and a bouncer. Not only will this help you understand both items better.

But you’ll be able to decide which one is best for your baby. You may even decide to get both of them if you see the need for that.

What’s most important is understanding the features and benefits of each. And then deciding which one is suitable for you or if you get both for your baby.

Without wasting your time, let’s get started:

What’s a Baby Swing? And What’s a Baby Bouncer?

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A Bouncer is:

In general terms, a baby bouncer is a kind of harness that bounces and springs with your baby inside. It’s mostly used in exercising the baby’s leg and sometimes to lull the baby so they can fall asleep.

They often come with a lot of accessories like trays, toys, sound, light, and even mobile. The most important is the sound, as it accompanies the rhythmic springing of the bouncer, helping your baby find sleep easily.

And a Swing is:

A baby swing, on the other hand, is more like a car seat, albeit used indoors. It often has a directional motion that rocks your baby similar to moms do when they are trying to soothe the baby.

In most cases, you place your baby here to relax or to calm a fussy baby. Compare to bouncers that your baby has to work, a swing will automatically move front-to-back or side-to-side so your baby can sleep more easily.

Differences Between a Baby Bouncer and Baby Swing

The Baby Swing

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There are different types of baby swings, with the most popular and most expensive being a cradle swing. These types of swings are designed to accommodate newborns and very young babies.

They are typically outgrown once the baby is 20 pounds or more. Most baby swings have minimum and maximum weight limits.

The minimum weight recommendation for most baby swings falls within the range of 3 to 6lbs while the maximum weight recommendation hovers around 20 to 30lbs.

Most baby swings can’t accommodate babies above 30 pounds. Most babies in this age bracket are better with a bouncer as they will already have strong muscles in their legs to take on the bouncer.

Going beyond the max recommended weight limit can be extremely risky and dangerous. At this stage, a baby can easily climb out of the swing or their weight might even overwhelm the swing such that it may end up in an accident.

This is why it’s important for all parents to pay attention to this and stop using the swing immediately their babies reach or nears the max weight.

The Baby Bouncer

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A bouncer, on the other hand, is not that different from a swing, except for a few distinctive qualities. First, the bouncer isn’t as stationary as the baby swing.

You can easily move it around the house or even travel with it.

Most swings need to be in one place only after they are installed. While it can be argued that you can move a swing around too, it’s much easier to do with a bouncer.

Second, a bouncer typically does not have an automatic motion like the baby swing. In other words, the swing motion in a swing is powered electronically.

In a bouncer, your baby has to make initiate the movement and then the bouncer moves along, rhythmically.

Another type of baby swing that compares to the bouncer in terms of the weight it can accommodate is the outdoor baby swing.

As evident in the name, these swings are meant to be used outdoors and can accommodate babies up to 50lbs.

Interestingly, these swings cannot take the place of other swings because they are not suitable for newborns or younger babies.

Therefore, when your little one outgrows the regular baby swing, you have the option of going for a bouncer or an outdoor baby swing.

Can I Just Purchase Both?

There is nothing wrong with having both bouncer and swing. While some moms will prefer one over the other, there are many parents that’ll buy both of them and use them for distinctive applications.

For instance, you could install the baby swing in a specific location and have your baby go on it when you want to soothe them.

Then, you can use the bouncer for keeping your little one close to you and watch over them, for instance, while carrying out your chores in the kitchen.

Adjusting the Speed to Suit Your Baby

In most baby swings, you can easily adjust the speed and distance for the motion of the swing. This can easily be done with the press of a button on the baby swing. A bouncer, on the other hand, doesn’t have such a feature.

In a baby swing, you’ll find the speed range from the lowest to the highest. Choosing one is entirely dependent on how old your baby is and how fussy he/she is. If your baby is still very young, the most suitable level is the lowest.

Not only will it soothe and calm your baby, but it’s also not going to be too aggressive. As your baby gets older, you can increase the volume and be more aggressive.

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Aside from the speed adjustment in swings, there are a couple more advantages over bouncers.

Another area that a baby swing shines is that it has more room for your baby to relax in.

And because the baby is directly placed under the light, toys, and sometimes a mirror, it can provide more entertainment (and possibly better soothing effect) than a bouncer.

Where your child has to work in a bouncer, they have a lot of stuff to look at all day long while in a swing.

That’s not to say that bouncers too don’t have their own advantage. In fact, there is one that’s very huge.

The advantage is that bouncers are easier to carry from one place to another. Baby swings are heavier, which makes them harder to transport from one area to another.

Are there Price Differences Between a Baby Swing and Bouncer

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In terms of price, both the bouncer and swing are priced similarly. Neither of them is more expensive than the other. Where the difference may come is in the brand and quality of the unit.

As you probably know, some swings are very expensive while others are relatively cheaper. The same applies to a bouncer too.

So, if you are going to compare both of them, looking at price differences may not help you much. What you may want to consider is the quality and the brand you’re buying from.

Well-known brands like Graco, Fisher-Price, Bright Starts, etc., are in some cases more expensive than other obscure brands.

And fortunately, these brands make high-quality products too, so you are at least going to expect good value for your money.

As you can see, the price of both a baby bouncer and swing depends on their features, size, and sometimes how long they can be used.