March 10, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - crowns, leprechauns, and star wars

Last week my mom made a quick cardboard crown for Baden.  He loved it and wore it to school all day when he and I volunteered in Rex's kindergarten class.  He told me he wanted all the older kids at school to think he was a real king.  Can you tell he still doesn't really like me taking pictures of him?

The leprechaun has been having fun at our house.  Thanks for all your fun responses to it.

Rex has asked if he can pose the leprechaun for his dad to find after work.  He thinks it's pretty fun.  Here's his work.

Speaking of Rex, he and his dad have started something big around here.  What, you ask, is captivating them so well?

Rex has officially been introduced to this.  Look out.  He still loves super heroes (and probably always will) but Star Wars has taken the front seat for a while around here.

And that's about it around here.  Thanks for dropping in.


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