March 17, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - warmth, the final tri, and coolness

This week has been warmer, which has been such a gift.  We've had a lot to time to play outside.  The boys have been riding bikes, playing with their stomp rocket, and running around like crazy.

I'm past the six month mark now, which makes things feel a little more real.

And I'm excited to have a baby, to take my mind off the fact that my boys are getting old.  Rex in particular is growing really fast.  His personality is so different from Baden's.  Here is a real conversation we had this week.  I'm not embellishing it one bit.  This kid is only five, keep in mind.

Me: Rex!  You have your first field trip for kindergarten!  It says they need moms to come along and help.  Do you want mommy to come with you?

Rex: (after a deep breath)  Do you know how sometimes you like your space, mom?  You know how sometimes you do a girl's night out?  Well, I need my space too.

Really?  Yes.  This kid won't go anywhere without me doing his hair just the right way and he asked me to take a picture of him the other day when he thought he looked extra cool.  The pose is his own.  Who is this kid?

It's a good thing that this little guy still can't get enough of me :)

These boys definitely keep life interesting.  I'm so glad they are mine.

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