April 07, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - boys, chicks, and dates

Things were a bit busy this week, which is what made me miss a few posts.  I had my sister in town, a few things due, and a 4 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes at my doctor's office.  Yes, I failed the first one - which I was really frustrated about because I'm eating healthier than I ever have in my life.  I'll find out the results from this test soon and my fingers are crossed.

I spent a lot of time in this room, wishing I could give my doctor's office a surprise makeover as long as I was there.  However, I think you need permission to do something like that :)

Rex built his own ramp the other with scrap wood he found in our garage.  Boys are pretty fun and I hope their adventurous spirit rubs off on our girl.

Baden has had a recent obsession with chicks and ducklings, so we headed to our local IFA store and saw some.  They were so fluffy!

My husband and I have been trying hard to get out on dates twice a month.  It has been awesome.  We even test drove some cars.  Seriously - thank you all again for all your advice.  We're figuring it out, I think.

While I had some frustrating moments this week, it makes me feel good to step back and just be grateful.  This is a good, good life.  At times I can still hardly believe that we have a baby girl on the way and that I've been given two sweet boys.  I don't think there's anyone I'd trade lives with.

Thanks for reading.


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