April 28, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - muscles, crowns, and self portraits

First off, thank you all SO, SO, SO much for your kind comments on Friday's post.  Your comments really buoyed me up and I appreciate how kind and understanding you all are.  Thank you.

If you follow me on IG you've seen most of these pictures, but I didn't get out my big camera this week.

Baden has been getting better about eating his veggies and I always stress how they make our bodies strong.  He had to stop and show my after every single bit of veggie soup how much bigger his muscles were because of the bite he just ate.  I think he looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head if he flexes any harder.

Both boys have been doing a lot of creating lately, which I love to see.  They'll see a box or a basket around the house and tell me that they could use it to make something really cool.  It makes me proud of them to see them stretching their minds and re-using things.  Baden made his own crown the other day and wore it everywhere we went - even to the doctor's office.

Some of you asked how Baden does at dressing himself now that he can reach all his clothes.  Well, we have a bit to learn about matching still, but he's pretty proud of doing it all by himself. 

I'm working on some fun art for the nursery that I'm excited to share with you this week.

And last but not least, I never get sick of my kids' drawings.  Here's Rex's most recent self-portrait.  He even drew in his R2D2 shoes.  That made me smile.

Thanks for stopping by.


mali said...

Love the pictures! Baden crack me up! Rex is a great artist.

Maegan.Viss said...

I love it! Your boys are so sweet.

~ko said...

Hey lady! I was traveling over the weekend so I'm just now catching up on your Friday post. You take that time! What you have given us here is incredible, the life and energy you have poured in here was and is so far reaching. And with a new season approaching for you it is only fitting and honorable that you focus elsewhere. I applaud you and actually really look up to you in this choice! Your little men are such a hoot, I adore their creativity and how you foster it! Cant wait to see the nursery art!

Siobhan said...

Haha! The sweet smile on Rex's drawing says it all. If that's how he pictures himself, then all is good.


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