April 11, 2013

The Big Boy Playroom - the final touches

A while back I had showed you the "big boy" playroom we were working on.  It was pretty much done, except that I wanted to add a few more "active" things for the boys to do down there.  I brainstormed a lot and finally finished it off.  

You see, my parents had some fun Ikea stuff in the basement in their previous home.  However, they aren't using it now and they said I could have it.  Free?  Yes, please.  So here's what we added.

This ladder doubles for climbing and swinging.  We put the extra mattress under it - just in case.

We also added this set of rings.  Can't see them?  Look for the moving blur in the pictures.

We put them on the other side of the room so there won't be any crazy chicken fights.  (Did you guys do those as kids?)

Now there's plenty of ways to get sweaty or static-y (though I'm pretty sure that's not a word).

And here's the look at the layout as you enter the room.

And we're calling this puppy done.  Now who's ready to come over and play?

If you missed the other posts on the room, you can read about the Lego posters/area HERE and the play pegboard HERE.

Thanks for reading.


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