May 28, 2013

Clothes for the Birthday Boy

So it finally happened.  Baden turned four.  If I weren't having a baby soon I might bawl my head off about it.  He's been such a fun and easy boy that it makes it so hard to see him grow up.  I want him to be my little 3-year-old sidekick forever.

So I thought I'd show you a few things I made for his birthday.  First off, I let him make a number shirt for his birthday, just like the one I let Rex make HERE.  

It's an easy way to let your child do it all by himself.  I only smoothed out the paint a little when he was done so there weren't any bumps.  He loved painting it.

I also sewed up some shorts to match.  They are just like the ones I made from my husband's old t-shirt HERE.  (He happens to have them hiked up kind of high here, but I made them to cover his knees.)

And my labels finally arrived!  I was so excited to put a little "ROAR" tag on the back of the shirt for him.  If you want to know more about where I got them, I totally followed my friend Christie's lead and ordered the same.  You can read about them on her blog HERE.  (She also happens to be having a baby girl on the same day as me.  I love Christie.)

(Another random sidenote: My boys both get ducktails.  This is only after like 2 weeks of my cutting their hair straight across the back.  It grows into the 80's tail right away.  Too bad we're not in the 80's anymore.  Anyone else have boys with that?)

Bade also has a serious obsession with rubber duckies.  So, I made this shirt for him, by doing a freezer paper stencil.  (Click HERE for that video tutorial.)  The googley eye is a sew on one that I bought years ago at Hobby Lobby.  I'm sure they still carry them.

We celebrated his birthday yesterday and took him to Build a Bear.  He insisted on wearing his galoshes and party hat.  Even though he's pretty shy, he liked the idea of people knowing it was his birthday.

We made exceptions for his birthday regarding the healthy stuff and we baked a really delicious cake.  It was a great day.

Hard to believe how fast four years has flown by.

Oh, I love this boy.

Thanks for reading.


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