15 Best Baby Nasal Aspirator 2024

A baby with a blocked nose is never a happy-baby and you have every right to want to try and help them because unnecessary suffering is never good. You being a parent know what its like to have both a blocked nose and a baby with a blocked nose is not a happy-day out.

Snot can turn that little angel into a monster in no-time and that’s why here I have decided to put together a review of some of the best nasal aspirators that’ll ensure you all have a little rest without being stuffy and bunged-up.mother and baby. mother using snot sucker

Main Types

  • Bulb
  • Suction Human Aspirator
  • Electric Aspirator


Bulb Nasal Aspirator

There has been various debates about which is the best type and because certain ones are used more often in clinical setting that this type specifically must have some advantage point medically, but in fact most of the time it’s simply down to costing and not because it is a superior product, so in this review I am going to look at some of the options and give you my personal view in which is best.

The classic bulb is the most widely used and probably the cheapest too, but does that mean the quality is there also? What about safety?

The way this works is by simply releasing the air, which is usually in the bubble-like ball and then places the nasal-point into the nose gently and releases the tension of the bubble, which in-turn sucks the snot out of the nose of your child.
The concept is very simple and your probably wondering where the problem is, but some customer has complained about the mold build-up inside the bulb itself, which is usually not visible. This means that it is good for short-term use, but not long-term, so be aware how long you might of already had yours.

This is, however, a great product in the shorter term and if you are looking for something not to last the test of time, but to serve in the shorter-term then this is ideal.

this is an image of a blue bulb nasal aspirator.


 Human Suction Nasal Aspirator

This one requires some human suction and is one of the most disgusting sounding inventions, made simply to freak-us-out, even the most tempered of parent would at that description, but once explained hopefully your initial fears should subside a little.

The human suction element is simply how it sounds and powered by you, but not from your babies nose into your mouth, because we thankfully have advanced a little in our thinking and that is plainly put disgusting, snot should never go from nose to mouth.

There is thankfully a replaceable filter, which can be changed often and easily, so those unwanted germs are not being transferred into the mouth of whoever is sucking. This kind of aspirator is ideal for the stubborn snot, which refuses to give in and wants to be a permanent resident of your child’s nose, maybe even starts expanding territories, so the sooner its dealt with the better in my view.

This type of product is very good for those wishing to have complete control and want a powerful suction as well as a device that is easy to clean, however handling is a little more tricky and there is always a chance of germ spreading, but yet again there would be this normally with a baby-mother relationship, so it’s not hugely worrying in my opinion, simply due to the amount of contact each has with the other.

this is an image of a human suction nasal aspirator with red suction and a blue end.


The Electrical Nasal Aspirator

The electrical aspirator is a modern version of the previous two and your thinking electrical, no sucking snot, no mold, no work…right? well, that is true to some degree, but not entirely, just because there is very little work in using this device doesn’t mean it is the best for the task.

The disadvantage is simply not enough suction power and this is a problem in certain circumstances, especially for those stubborn snorters, which have decided to remain loyal and not leave the base. This, however, isn’t good enough and every mother knows she would protect her baby until death, so you’ll be damned if a snotty nose is going to get the best of her, right? Ok, enough of the analogy, but seriously this electrical aspirator is great for getting 90% of snot, but I found that it wouldn’t get everything and sometimes left me frustrated.

Each of these three aspirators is the basic types, each with their particular individual approach to the task, but further in this review, I will compare some of the best and give some possible options to choose from.

this is an image of an electrical nasal aspirator.


BoogieBulb Baby Nasal

This is a fantastic device and very easy to use, clean and doesn’t require the need for replacement after extended use, which is why I have chosen this particular one above some others.

Originally there was no application for cleaning inside and the nasal device wouldn’t dismantle and split in two, but now it does and that prevents the mold build up, which is potentially harmful to most people.

The material is safe and does not contain naphthalene and is latex-free, which ensures your baby will not have any unpleasant surprises.

The easy to use twist-back means using, cleaning and drying have never been easier and is very time efficient. This product has been used in hospitals and for good reasoning, it’s really cheaper than most other products and now with the new and improved design, this will last for a long time.

this is an image of a BoogieBulb baby nasal aspirator opened-up.


Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

This safe and easy to use option is highly recommended by doctors and for the parent who feels confident enough to use the device, this will guarantee a wide range of suction power, which is essential for those snots that refuse to leave and seem to have set up camp in protest.

The device itself has been created to be minimally intrusive and the seal is outside the nostril, which ensures comfort and effortless to an extent.

The hygiene is always in question and some people worry abut getting a mouth full, but the disposable filters are very easy to use, clean and replaceable, so there is not any transfer of mucus or germs, which have been proven by the medical establishments through clinical testing.

This product is safe to use and has been thoroughly tested and the typically dangerous materials have been left out, things like BPA and naphthalene.

This has been designed for convenient use and with cleaning in mind, with its top-rack washable application (not all machines) the Swedish design is a great and will be a regular without needing to be replaced all the time.

this is an image of a Snotsucker nasal aspirator boxed with an image of a mother and child on the cover.


Nasal extractor Snot Sucker

Most colds and flu are always a nightmare for the parent having to attend the child that is having to deal with this seemingly unforgivable symptoms, so any relief a parent can provide is majorly important and this is why this device will offer an assistance to the baby in-need.

This battery operated handheld device has a powerful suction and comes with an added extra snot-sucker as standard which is handy because it doesn’t require batteries.

The design will fit any size of the nose and is perfect for use or as a gift to those dear friends that have just conceived.

The aspirator is great because there is no need for replacement parts or hidden future costs, its ready to use and remain in function for a long time to see the little one grow without the discomfort the unruly cold or flu might have on your loved one.

This device has been medically tested thoroughly and will ensure the highest standards, which mean the worrying that takes place in some parents can rest assured. The FDA has approved and all safety has been met to the utmost degree.  This powerful snot-puller will get rid of snot and fee up to that nose that needs air to breath and gets a better sleep to ensure that they grow and develop into a healthy human being!

this is an image of a nasal extractor snot sucker held by a hand.


BabySmile Nasal Aspirator

This device is by far the most advanced in its design and is more expensive too, but however, the device is easy to use and will get those stubborn snots out, keeping the child smiling and feeling free and easy to breath.

This handheld aspirator will help in the recovery of flu and colds, making sure your baby gets a good nights sleep and as clinical studies have shown good sleep is essential for a child’s development.

The cleaning should be done thoroughly and each part of the device should be cleaned, dried and stored in a location that will keep the hygiene of the device and make sure the next use is as good as the first, without any bacteria being passed on.

This is a private hospital care grade aspirator and if your looking to spend a little extra on your child this will ensure yours have done your absolute best in child care because this is a fantastic product.

This device has a long cable and is very user-friendly without there being a need for any manual sucking which will make dealing with the messy task much less hassle and more pleasant. This is a good nasal extractor for the mothers with a little more to give financially, but again they are all good devices and will relieve your child of the nasty cold-like snot.

this is is an image of a Mom using a BabySmile nasal aspirator on her young child.


Best Overall Pick

The baby-smile nasal aspirator is the best in my opinion because of its easy to use device handling, non-manual sucking and high standard components. This is more expensive than the others, but the price reflects the standard and by simply placing the handheld device means the effort is easy to use and makes the task less labor-some than some of the others.

this is is an image of a Mom using a BabySmile nasal aspirator on her young child.

Best Budget Pick

The FridaNoser is an easy to use the product and involves a small amount of manual sucking that I personally think is more effective and some private hospitals use this as standard. The new easy-to-clean design ensures this is a good all-rounder and will get the job done without having to spend a small fortune on a snot-sucking device. This is simple to use, simple to clean and does most of what your child needs in terms of snot removal.