May 10, 2013

Feature Friday - Homemade Popsicles

I've been on the hunt for some fun popsicle recipes that the boys and I could make together this summer.  My sister pinned THIS one for me and we tried it out today.

I liked that there were few ingredients, all of which were healthy.  However, the popsicles weren't incredible and the milk and the orange juice separated a bit when we tried to mix it all together.

The boys still liked them anyway.

I thought I'd ask you guys if you have any good popsicle recipes.  We really want to try some creamy ones with Greek yogurt and we're aiming for some healthier ones (fruit, honey, but not straight sugar).

If you have a recipe to share, please leave it in the comments section.  We'd love to try it out.

Thanks for reading.


  1. We love juice popsicles with things like simply apple juice, and mango juice. We have a zoku ( ) pop maker, and it is so fun to mix up different natural ingredients and then have a popcicle in just a few minutes! (they even have a sucker thingy so you can make cream centered popcicles, which is were we add the greek yogurt!)

  2. Here's a link to a berry popsicle recipe that I posted on my blog! It's easy and healthy!

  3. Hi! Last year I sort of invented this recipe : mix yogurt ( I used regular yogurt ) with lemon juice and sugar. Then I poured it in the popsicle-thingies ( i don't know how they're called) but I layered the yogurt mix with fresh raspberries. They were kind of sour, but we like them that way. I don't know the quantities though :S

  4. I'm on the hunt also for some good popsicle recipes. I'll have to try the orange ones you made. I've done two batches of popsicles so far and had no recipe. I pretty much made a smoothie and then froze it in my mold.

    Recipe #1:strawberry, banana, spinach, blueberry, greek yogurt, honey, almond milk

    Recipe #2: frozen mangoe cubes, banana, greek yogurt, almond milk, apple juice, honey, ground flax/oatmeal

    The mangoe one was my fave, but my girls preferred the strawberry one - sweater!

    Meagen :)

  5. Anonymous10.5.13

    I make green smoothies (as in the kind with hidden spinach leaves) and put them in the popsicle mold. My 3 year old loves them. The one I used most recently had banana, a handful of spinach leaves, almond butter, whole plain yogurt, a little flax oil, and almond milk. It sounds so gross but he scarfs it down. :)

  6. Where did you get those popsicle holders with the straw? That is a great idea. Is it less messy? Do they prevent dripping?

    1. I just got them at Target, but I actually don't recommend them. The top part doesn't even click into the popsicle part. It just kind of flops around. The straw idea is cool, but you have to tip the handle to get the liquid to go into the straw, which results in spilling. I was going to look for some better ones. Sorry!


    2. I want to let you know tupperware makes awesome popsicle molds. Email me I will let you know when they are on special

    3. Ooops.

    4. I have those same molds. I have trouble getting them out of the container. I, too, would NOT recommend them.

  7. Cheri,
    We have been making these and the boys love them! I love that they are just fruit, vegetables and water :D

  8. Looks like fun, I hope you find a good recipe and share it with us! My one year old would do great with ice cube sized home made Popsicles!

  9. I love those popsicle holders - so smart and kid-friendly! What kind of mold/popsicle maker do you use?

    Thanks! :)

  10. My family (including a 3 and 6 year old boy) loves these! Also super easy for them to whip up. Sometimes we eat them for breakfast, and the boys are thrilled. Popsicles for breakfast!

  11. Anonymous10.5.13

    Hi Cheri! This is how we make them:
    I make a smoothie from strawberries, bananas and a dash of soda water and pur it into the popsicle holders so that it fills up about 1/3. Then I pour plain orange juice on top and finish off with the smoothie.
    That way they come out in two colors (kind of marbled) and my boys love them.
    No sugar necessary, the bananas take care of sweet sweetness :)
    Have a great summer!
    Greets from Germany

  12. We just whip up a big smoothie and pour it into popsicle molds - basically, whatever we have on hand!

  13. I make smoothies most days for breakfast and freeze any leftovers into Popsicles:)
    One that we recently loved was to blend strawberries and pineapple together:)

  14. I am not eating sugar either, and I tried a recipe that I liked a lot. It tastes like ice-cream, but there is nothing bad in it. I blended 2 cups mangoes, 2 bananas, 1 1/2-2 cups plain greek yogurt, and a splash of lemon. Put it in the popsicle molds, freeze, and enjoy. I am going to try it with raspberries next. You could probably substitute the fruit with whatever you like.

  15. Super easy and really good
    yogurt of your choice
    Mix with all fruit jam and honey to taste
    I mix this up with plain yogurt because that's all I buy, the ratio of yogurt, jam, honey is really personal taste but my daughter and grandson love the popsicles

  16. Do you guys like coconut milk? If so, these are good. No added sugar...just bananas as the sweetener. In fact, you can use banana to sweeten a lot of things. We call them nature's candy bars! lol

  17. I wouldn't say that I have a recipe per se, but we make them all the time. I use my magic bullet to make a smoothie with about 1 part greek yogurt, 1 part frozen fruit, and 3 parts raw spinach, then I fill in the cracks with milk or 100% juice (if using plain greek yogurt). I blend it all up until its smooth and freeze into popsicles. My kids love them and frequently eat them for breakfast. I would recommend adding raw spinach to all your popsicles, it adds so much nutrition and the kids can't even taste it. It does make them green though!

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  19. I found a few recipes here which are delicious and simple:

  20. Last summer I mixed up some vanilla flavored greek yogurt with some fresh-picked raspberries for Popsicles last summer, and they were really good. My daughter, who was 2 at the time, loved them.

  21. I make these for my little
    Literally just fruit and yogurt, but yummy.

  22. I know when you add lemon juice to milk, the milk begins to curd. I imagine the acidity of the oranges did the same. My mom used to pour fruit juices in a Popsicle maker, and we loved them as kids!


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