May 05, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - my mother-in-law, sweet moves, and boys in buckets

We had a big week around here with lots of reasons to be thankful.

First off, we bought a car and I'm thrilled about it!  We are ready for another little one in our family and our car now.  I'll tell you more about it on Wednesday.

My husband was out of town for a few days and I had been asked to run a booth at BYU Women's conference, which meant my husband's parents watched the boys for two days.  They are really amazing, thoughtful people.  My mother-in-law wins the prize of the year for watching them because Baden got the flu, throwing up many times, none of which were in the toilet.  I felt horrible!  She was so kind about it.

The boys have been learning some sweet moves on the rope ladder and rings we put up a few weeks ago.  They like to have a spectator to watch their sweet moves, which gives me time to just sit on a bean bag and relax for a little while.

And man are they growing.  I kind of have a weird thing for taking pictures of my boys in Costco carts.  Here's two years ago... 

...and here's yesterday.

Yesterday we even hit a Home Depot workshop for the boys, which they always love.  Rex thought he's try sitting with the bucket the other way, but then he couldn't get out.

Good things to blog about this week - the car choice, the final bathroom reveal, and a couple more things.  See you tomorrow and thank you for stopping by.


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