May 19, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - two wheelers and fancy dates

This week was kind of a long one, but full of little great moments.

Baden is now riding a two-wheeler!  Seeing his little body peddling his little bike just makes me crazy happy.

My husband and I each took one of our boys out on a date Friday night.  My very favorite restaurant is the Roof in Salt Lake, but it's pretty darn pricey so we go maybe once a year.  Well, Rex has heard me talk this place up for a long time and he's begged and begged to go.  We happened to have a gift card from someone, which wouldn't have been enough to cover my husband and I eating there, but it was perfect for Rex and I since he's the little kid's price.  So, he won and we went on a fancy date.

On the way there he asked me non-stop questions about the place.  "Is it tile or carpet?  What do the servers dress like?  Can I eat dessert first?  How big is it?  How many tables of dessert are there?"  

It's a fancy buffet and I did let him hit the dessert table first.  He was in heaven....and so was I.  It was so much fun.

It's right next to the Salt Lake temple. 

He got to push the elevator buttons and everything. It was a wonderful night.

And in between rain we made it to the park yesterday.  I think we'll spend a lot of time there this summer.  Rex has become quite the climber.

And now that Baden's unstoppable on his bike, we'll be getting in a lot of miles.  Have I ever mentioned he doesn't like his picture taken?  :)

Tomorrow I plan on showing you the finished nursery and then some more baby stuff throughout the week.  Yay!

Thanks for dropping in.


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