May 09, 2013

The Master Bathroom Final Reveal

So along the last few months I've been taking pictures of my prego belly and the bathroom renovation, guessing which one would be done first.  I am happy to report that the bathroom beat me.  It's DONE!!!  And I couldn't be happier about that.  So, here's a whole lot of pictures and a whole lot of info on what went down around here.

If you recall, this wasn't a project we "picked."  

Our shower was leaking, so we started to peel up the tile, only to reveal that the previous owners had tiled over existing tile and there was moisture and mold all over.  I was pretty devastated.

We ripped out more.... 

...and more and more until we realized that the shower and the floor had to go.

The existing tub had never worked and was looking pretty bad, so we figured we'd take it out as well since we were already doing so much.

So here's how the rebuilding went.  We hired a guy to do the tile, which took way longer than I thought it would.  However, he did a great job.

The tile we went with you can find HERE, HERE, and HERE on Amazon.  It was way cheaper than even having a contractor's discount and buying locally.

We painted the ceiling white.  (It had been kind of tan.)  The walls are "Summer Resort" by Behr on top and "Moon Rise" also by Behr on the bottom.

The vanities got new granite, new faucets, new square sinks.... 

...and a paint job.  I painted the vanities "Anonymous" by Behr.  So they went from this.... this.  I purchased 2 sample cans of paint (which ads up to $6) and then used Finishing Wax (the same way I did HERE) on top of them for a protective coat.

My Dad did a ton of awesome work for us.  He did the board and batten....

....and also framed out the mirrors and changed the molding on the windows and doors.  He did a ton of work that we frankly, couldn't have possibly done ourselves.  Thanks, Dad!  My mom was right there as well, caulking, filling holes, and painting up a storm.  That woman is fast.

So here are some more pictures.  Here's the view as you enter the bathroom and then turn to the left.

All the chrome fixtures are the Boardwalk line by Moen (all faucets, towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc.).  I fell in love with them.  I really liked the classic, yet vintage feel and the squared look.

I blogged about the bath mats I made for the room HERE.  They kind of give the room a little more punch and bring all the grays together.

The light fixtures came from Lowes, where you pick the glass part and the fixtures separately.  I splurged and got the Edison bulbs for them.

And here's the view as you walk in and turn to the right.  It's my husband's side, which still needs art in those frames.

I found a few more baskets on clearance to finish off the shelves that sit to the left of the toilet.

We had to replace the blinds.  They were wood ones that the paint had peeled off of due to the moisture in the room.  We got faux-wood, plastic ones instead.

And the boys are in love with the new tub.  It's bigger than theirs, so they've taken over the bathroom as their own as well.  I guess it's only fair, since they shared theirs with us for many, many months.

This wasn't a cheap project, but since we plan on living here forever I wanted to really do it right.  The marble tile added up, since it's a large area.  However, it's my favorite part.

And that's a wrap.  I tried to tell you where everything came from, but you have questions I'll answer them in the comment section so others can see the answers as well.

And here's the quick footage of the race.

5 months

6 months

7 months

7.5 months

8 months (I'll have to get a side shot.)

The bathroom wins!  Wahoo!

Thanks for sticking with me through all that!  Whew!

And thanks for visiting my blog.  See you tomorrow.


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