September 22, 2013

Sunshine Sunday

This week was kind of a long one around here.  Between getting over this sickness and my husband being out of town a few days, it was rough at moments.  Here's a quick collage from the better moments.

1. Rex tells everyone he's a skateboarder.  He's very proud of it.  We headed out to the skate park so he could practice some moves.  His skills aren't exactly amazing yet, but he has heart.

2. On Monday my sister was so sweet and brought over some soup to help me feel better.  "I'm actually feeling quite better today," I told her.  "Maybe you should tell your hair that," she quickly replied.  Point taken.

3. I heart jammies and this baby.  She is a really happy girl and it's contagious.

4. With Rex at school and Elsa being small enough to nap a lot, Baden and I still get lots of time together.  We like that.

5. Sometimes I'll ask the boys to go talk to Elsa when she starts to fuss and I'm making dinner.  I love how they crowd around her and talk in super high voices.  Seeing the three of them happy together makes my heart want to burst.

6. Rex asks to hold her a lot.  I love the big brother, baby sister bond.

7.  Some of you have asked about our food changes and yes we're still going strong.  I'll write about it this week and tell you where we're at.

8 and 9.  The bumbo.  Who wears it best?  I can't believe Baden can still squeeze his bum into it.

Hopefully you'll be seeing a little more of me around here this week.  I'm all better and my husband's home.  It's going to be a good week.

Thanks for reading.


Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Yay for being better and that you're husband is back! I hope this week is awesome for you!

Catherine Peart said...

I laughed out loud over your sister's hair comment. Something my sister would say too! Glad you are feeling better.

HSockwell said...

We also have a blue bumbo (my phone wants to autocorrect bumbo to Our 2.5 son can still fit in it, and will run to it greedily when I am about to put our 4 month old daughter inside. :) love the pics!!!

Coley said...

I think my favorite pic is of Rex, the skateboarder! Thanks for sharing them all, here's to a great week!


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