September 09, 2013

The Surf Shack Room - Part 1

So, after a lot of trips to the Depot....

....and a lot of watching grandpa use the saw....

....and a lot of anticipation....

.....and a lot of sweat and clever thinking from grandpa....

...and a lot of painting at heights that make me nervous....

....and a lot of asking if it was almost done.....

.....the Surf Shack bed is complete.  Today I'm going to show you a picture heavy post about the bed.  The bed is the biggest and by far the coolest feature of Baden's new room.  I don't have any bed plans to share, but as you can see above, all the beds my dad has built us consist of a frame of 2x4s which are attached to the studs with giant lag screws.  I'm sorry I won't be able to provide any more info than that.

So, here we go.  As you enter the room this is what you see.  After debating whether to make the room a tree fort or a surf shack, Baden picked the surf shack.

The bed sits in the shack with a ladder to enter it.

I used my Silhouette to cut vinyl for the sign.

The boys have had a lot of fun playing in the shack.

Come on up the ladder and I'll show you the inside of it.

The bed inside is a regular twin bed.  My Mom sewed Baden this comforter for Baden's birthday.  There's just enough room for the boys to get in and walk around the bed without stepping on it.

As you turn around there's a little stairway that leads up to the space above the closet.  This space had never been utilized in the room before, but now it's a fun little fort.  

There's enough space for them to stand up without hitting their heads and someday when they get too big for it it might just become a girly dollhouse or tree fort for Elsa.  We'll see.

Occasionally the boys will take all their pillows up their and watch a show on the iPad together.  

Or we'll put out laundry baskets below and try to see if they can throw things into the baskets.

I brought up the bean bags we had in the basement, since they matched the room and it makes the area under the shack a fun lounging spot.

But, MY favorite part is the pulley bucket.  

Back when I was a little girl my dad built us a tree fort that had the same thing.  I remember spending a LOT of time playing with it and sending things up and down.

And being very energetic boys, they've found lots of ways to climb up and jump off the shack.  (It makes me glad my dad builds things to be so sturdy.)

And that's the shack.

I have a few posts showing some of the accessories and decor coming up hopefully this week.  I'm just finishing some of them up.  Once everything is done I'll do a video tour for you.

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