October 02, 2013

Our Spooky Front Door

This post is part of a challenge from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.  I was given a gift card to their store (with no other compensation) and challenged to create something with the theme of #spookyspaces.

Now, let me be honest.  I don't usually decorate for Halloween and I don't really do "spooky."  However, now that my boys are a little older they were really excited about helping me decorate and I'm so glad I go the chance to.  When I headed to my JoAnn Store I rounded up these items.  This spider was calling my name....because it was so spooky :)  I also picked up some webs, some "Do Not Enter" tape, and some masking tape to put it all together.  

And here's our front door and one happy boy.   Bwa-ha-ha!

The webs were easy to tape up and the spider has these bendable legs that make him easy to position.

To add the tape, I simple opened the door and ran it round and round the door.  That way you can see it from the inside of the house as well, which the boys thought was pretty cool.

These webs were fun and so easy to put up.  

And what's Halloween without some googley eyes?

Now we are ready for the trick-or-treaters.

Need some Halloween ideas?  Visit the JoAnn Creativity Made Simple page HERE for tons of ideas.

And here's a coupon for you to use at your JoAnn store.  I LOVE using coupons there.

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  1. So are the spider webs already in a web shape and you just hang them? I really like those! Thanks for the coupon too =)

    1. Yeah, they come just like that, which makes it super easy to decorate with!


  2. That spider is HUGE! I like the white webs too. If you were in our neighborhood, my kids might be too scared to come to your door for trick or treating though.

  3. This post just put me in a great mood. I love the month of October for so many reasons and seeing Halloween decorations makes me feel like a kid again.

  4. Ok, even though I know that spider is fake it is seriously giving me the creeps!! Shudder.... (thanks for the coupon!!)

  5. I love how that turned out. So fun, and I'm sure your boys just love it! Thanks for the coupon too. I never go to joann's without coupons. :)

  6. Anonymous2.10.13

    Love it, looks like great fun! Wish I could whip up some creativity so quickly and with just a few supplies like you, my daughter would love it.

  7. this is almost more than I would want to walk thru to ring your doorbell. you did a good job and what a happy young man.

  8. It's adorably spooky!!!! The adorable part is the door mat :)


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