October 27, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - kid photos, football, crazy hair, and memories

While my posting hasn't been as regular lately, I try my best not to skip Sunday posts ever.  Why?  It's partly selfish.  I love to have a little journal of our week.  But, writing these posts makes me really happy.  It gives me a chance to look at the week and see the good.  It's kind of therapeutic and it makes me realize how sweet life really is.

I kind of like it when my kids get a hold of my phone and try their hand at taking pictures.  I love how Baden captured his own crazy eyebrow.  

Baden got to play football with G-ma in the park the other day.  We had a stretch of warm days here (which constitute the need for him to remove his shirt).  He's not a real fan of clothes.  He was so excited to try his hand at football.

While this little lady isn't really sleeping any better, she still has me completely wrapped around her baby finger.  She is such a sweet, happy girl.  I instagrammed this picture the other day with the caption, "You want a piece of me?"  This is what she looks like after I nurse her because she gets sweaty and plays with her hair.  (It reminds me of that part in Tommy Boy when he says, "I can't believe he called me a psycho!"  Anyone remember that?)

And last but not least, I finally put together a yearly family memory book for 2012.  I did a page about how we started mommy school and as I pulled out some pictures for the book it made me so incredibly happy.  I love those memories we've made.  The boys will often ask if we can still do mommy school during the school year.  They love it and so do I.

And on to a new week!  Thanks for reading.


Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Your kids are super cute! I'm glad they have enjoyed doing mommy school with you. I will need to start doing that once my son is a hair older. And speaking of hair, I love Elsa's crazy hair! How fun!

Kristin said...

Laughed at your sons' need to take off his shirt! My little guy got hot in nursery today and started taking off his pants. Yep, he doesn't really love clothes either. At least everyone got a good laugh out of it!

Аленушка said...

I'm so happy you back! I love Sunshine sundays, too. They teach me how wonderful life is. You are my inspiration! I find your idea of making family history photo-book great. Will you write any post about mommy-school? Can you share how you "entertain" Elsa? I have a boy less than month elder her, and you are a wonderful mother.
Aljonushka from faraway Belarus

Unknown said...

she has her fists up too..cute cute family.

Coley said...

I just love your Sunday posts...so I'm glad you do them too :) Thank you for sharing!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

I love these post and that hair!!! And that is some cool g-ma! Brownie points for sure!!! I have a grandbaby girl arriving on Friday (unless she decides to make her debut sooner :)

The Miller Five said...

I love your adorable kids!!


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