October 06, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - to do lists, vader, and cousins

This week flew by.  I got some things crossed off the to do list.  Baden was messing with my list so I asked him if he wanted to make his own.  He asked me how to spell the words and he made his own list.  I think he liked crossing his items off as much as I did.  I love that kid.

I picked up Rex from school the other day like this.  I couldn't help myself.  His Vader mask had just arrived in the mail and I hadn't showered or put on makeup that day, so it seemed sensible :)  I think I'm going to thoroughly enjoy embarrassing my children for years to come.

On a fun note, we got to hit a corn maze and fest Friday.  (Check yesterday's post if you're a local and you want to win tickets.)  My sister joined me with two of her kids.  Cousins and sisters are just awesome.

And being a mom is really awesome too.  I'm so thankful for these three little ones.

I've been trying to fit in a little sewing, because I have a billion things I want to make right now.  More on that tomorrow.  And I'm still trying to stay sane with the lack of sleep.  I've tried a few different things, but this little girl wants to eat every three hours even through the night.  Ugh.  Other than the lack of sleep, life rocks.

Thanks for reading.


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