October 09, 2013

The Family Room Makeover - part 1

This summer I started redecorating the family room.  It's a room we spend a lot of time in and I really wanted to update the tan walls, to a pale gray scheme.  It's almost done, but I'm still adding some final touches.

It all began when I found this fabric at a local store.  I loved it and it made our green couches work (which I don't love, but we aren't buying new ones in the near future).  I liked the pale gray background and the chance to bring in some fun colors - mustard and a light purple.

My mom was super kind to sew all the curtain panels for me this summer.  

We added a waffle textured fabric to the bottom and some white stripes to the top and bottom for interest.

We painted the room a lighter version of the fabric's background.  Grays are hard to choose, but I got a couple sample cards and looked at them with the fabric under different lighting to ensure they really matched. Then I went even lighter because I wanted the room to feel really open.

Tomorrow I'll show you some pillows I made to add some fun to the room.  At the end of the week I'll show you my favorite part of the room - a huge piece I painted.

Thanks for dropping in.


gummybearmama said...

Looks great! I agree that light gray does make rooms feel really open! :) Did you get to take any before-and-after pix? (And let me just say how amazed I am that you were able to do so much right after having a bebe! You're such an inspiration!) :)

Unknown said...

I love that fabric! It adds some interest but isn't too crazy bold. The curtains turned out great, and I'm sure the pillows on the couch will tie it all together nicely. I stink at choosing wall colors, but you did a great job! I'll definitely try the "look at swatches in all lights" technique next time :)

gina said...

We also have a green couch and I love this inspiration! I painted our guest room gray and now I want to paint the whole house gray! Right now its just plain ole beige - yuck!

Leigh Anne said...

Can't wait to see it! That fabric is lovely too. I love it when I find just the right home dec fabric that brings it all together. I am on the hunt for something for our bedroom :)

The Miller Five said...

Pretty! I just bought some grey paint for my family room! I may have to copy your curtains. :)

controlling craziness said...

Looks awesome. Loving the custom curtains. Can't wait to see the rest of the room. Thanks for sharing.

Creative Raisins said...

It looks perfect ~ Lisa

GinaBeana said...

Love it!! Great job!

Jenny said...

Cheri! We have the same color of couches and I have asked myself over and over "Why???" I love the curtains and how you added the stripe to the bottom and the top. Thanks for the inspiration!


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