November 07, 2013

Easy to Hang Up Towels

This project has been on my list for way too long and yet it only took 5 seconds to finish.  The boys have a hard time getting their towels to hang on the hook after their showers.  They always kind of slide off onto the floor or sometimes they don't even make it to the bathroom.  Now there's no excuse.

So I took some ribbon, cut it to be about 8 inches long, and melted the ends of it so it wouldn't fray.

Then I stitched it in a loop onto the towel.  I even took the time to put orange thread on my bobbin and navy thread on top.  (I got a little excited about the project I guess.)  I placed the loop in the middle of the long side so the towel wouldn't drag on the floor.

And now I hope to never see a wet towel on the carpet again.  The end.

I'm almost done staining and finishing that coffee table I gave you a sneak peak of.  Can't wait to show you it all done!  Thanks for dropping in.


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