November 19, 2013

Refashionista Day 7 - No Big Dill

Today's guest is Katy from No Big Dill.  If the sewing machine was a weapon, Katy would be a deadly ninja.  The girl has skills and I've said it many times, but I'd love to see her on Project Runway.  If you've never been to Katy's blog, run THERE now.  She's also one of my favorite people to follow on instagram.  (Find her at nobigdillkaty.)  Welcome Katy!

How fun to be invited back to participate in Refashionista again this year, thanks Cheri!  I think we all love this series because we all have an inner (or maybe not-so-inner) frugal desire.  It just feels good to be able to reuse and enjoy again, I would even call it empowering.  
Last year my brother got married and we had the luncheon outside at my aunt's home.  After it was over my mom asked if I wanted any of the tablecloths.  Of course!  She didn't really have to ask, I stuffed them in my suitcase, knowing they would be debuting once more, just not as a tablecloth.
I just made a simple gathered skirt, but added the detail of the option to gather the overskirt, kind of a princess-y touch. 

I just used a strip of the underskirt (about 2" wide) and folded the edges under, stitched them on both sides to the overskirt and then down the center to create two casings.
Thread the ribbon or cord from the bottom to the top and back down the other side.  Before adding the waistband, make sure they are even.

It can be worn completely down or cinched up.
 And there is always a twirl test.  I think it passed.  Thanks for having me, Cheri!

Thanks for the tutorial, Katy.  I love that cinch up the front.  And all of you can see more gorgeous projects and photos on Katy's blog HERE.  She happens to be sewing through the alphabet right now.  It's a great series.  Thanks for dropping in.


Unknown said...

Oh, I love the extra touch of the optionally gathered overskirt!

Tessie said...

Very cute and clever how it can be cinched up or down. Love it, Katy!

The Miller Five said...


Unknown said...

Thanks, Laura! And so easy to add!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Tessie. We girls like options, right? ;)

Unknown said...

You're sweet, thanks!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I love how that outfit turned out! I've used my own wedding tablecloths (well more like centerpiece squares that went on top of the big table cloths! :) for refashions myself. I like the shiny look, and that cinch is so fun! Thanks for showing us this fantastic refashion.

Unknown said...

How fun, Lynette! :)


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