November 03, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - autumn and my husband

Autumn is my absolute favorite.  About a month ago Baden asked if he could make a pile of leaves to jump in.  At that time there were about 15 leaves in our yard.  Well, last week he finally got his wish.  They were everywhere.  

The boys had so much fun throwing the leaves around.

And I had fun watching.

Those perfect moments are so fufilling.  They make up for the moments like the present (when I can hear them fighting as I type this).

Then they decided they would build their own fort.  Working together they got two heavy pieces of wood over to the back corner of the yard.  Then they realized it was a little bigger task than they originally thought.

I am so grateful for my husband.  Having three kids has been really challenging for me, but my husband has been so, so, so awesome and helpful.  I am so glad I married him.  I feel really lucky to have him.  And for those of you who saw Elsa looks like him, here's a side by side.  I can kind of see it (minus the buns).

And on to another week.  I hope your week was wonderful.

Thanks for reading.


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