December 31, 2013

The Last Post.....

As I mentioned a month ago, I am going to stop blogging.  I did, however, want to say thank you for all your support through these years.  You have brought a lot of joy to me and I have loved sharing my life with you.  The boys were this small when I began.  Wow.

We've come a long way.

A lot of you asked if I'm going to keep the blog online.  Yes.  It will still be here for you to use.  However, I will turn off the comments because I just don't have time to answer them anymore.  My email address will still work if you really need something, though :)  You can also follow me on instagram if you'd like to keep in touch.  I'm "iammommahearmeroar" there.  I don't know whether or not I'll ever pop in here again.  Feel free to leave me on your reader in case I do, but I can't make any promises.

This last month has confirmed my decision.  With four kids around the house, my free time is almost non-existent.  That's okay, though.  I love what I get to do.  I am excited to reorganize my home, feel less pressure from deadlines, and maybe even play my piano again.

So thank you SO, SO, SO much for hanging with me through the rough times....

...and through the good times.

Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, or drop emails.  It was a really great ride and I thank you for taking it with me.

Thanks again.

- Cheri

The New Coffee Table

For my birthday I asked my Dad to help me build something.  I figured a coffee table would be a doable task, but in reality I can't take credit for this table.  My Dad still did most of it.  I still have a lot to learn, turns out :)  So here's how the table ended up.

I had seen a few industrial-looking tables online that I loved, but I wanted something a little different.  I loved the look of the wheels on some of the coffee tables I'd seen, so we found these wheels at the Depot.  They were actually the priciest part of the table.  

I found some wooden bins that fit in the table perfectly, so I painted them yellow and distressed them a bit.

They kind of bring in more of the mustard yellow in the room. 

December 30, 2013

Video Thank You's

I'm throwing out a bunch of random posts hear before I sign off.  I love to have my boys write thank you cards, but recently we have decided that making thank you videos is more fun (for us and the recipient).

So, if your kids need to say thank you for any Christmas gifts they received, here's an easy and fun idea.  We use the free Lego Movie Maker app on my phone.  You just take picture after picture, choose your music, and then you have a fun stop motion video.  It's meant for making Lego videos, but you can really use it for a lot of different things.  It's pretty sweet and easy to use.

We've done thank you pictures before, but this was even more fun and it only took a few minutes to put together.  If the person you're sending the video doesn't have a smartphone, you can still just email them the file.

Thanks for stopping by.

December 26, 2013

Kitchen Remodel - part 1

There is one room in our home that I haven't really touched, but it's the one I've been most anxious to change.  It's the kitchen.  Our cabinets are painted green just like the walls here.  I've wanted to paint them white since the day we moved here 5 years ago, but it wasn't in the budget and I was too scared to do them myself.  I've painted cabinets in other parts of our home, but we plan on living here forever and I want the kitchen paint job to last that long.

So we are just starting to change the kitchen, but it will happen slowly.  It started with this table that my dad built.  Our previous table was nice, but it scratched SO easily and that drove us nuts.  This one was homemade and my dad put 5-6 coats of poly acrylic on it.  That means it's tough stuff and I love that.

So we sold our last table, and we actually made money with the switch over.  The cost of this table and the chairs came out less than what I sold our previous table and chairs for.  Score.

I have loved the look of a farmhouse table with modern chairs for a long time now, so after searching through online stores a lot I came up with a look I really liked.

My dad built a bench for on side of the table.

December 22, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - Merry Christmas!

Today I'm sharing a virtual Christmas card to you, since I can't mail you each one individually.  Here are a few pictures I took for our cards this year.

May you feel the true Spirit of Christmas.

May you feel His love shining on you.

May you feel the joy of giving.

And may you be surrounded with those you love.

I am really thankful for my Savior and His perfect example.  I am grateful He was willing to do what no one else could and that because of His life and love we can always have a fresh new start in life.  I am thankful for the hope and light He brought to this world.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  I'll see you back between Christmas and New Years for a few projects I'm going to share with you before I sign off.

Thanks for stopping by.

December 18, 2013

Santa Sacks

You can find me at the I Love to Create blog today, showing you how I made these "Santa Sacks" for the boys.  Don't sew?  Shhhh.....They are made from pillowcases.  Come see the tutorial HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!

December 17, 2013

Ruby and Elsa (and a printable)

Can I tell you a story today?  It's really special to me.

Remember how we struggled for a long time to have Elsa?  Well, when we were going through that my friend Christie was going through the same struggle.  I first came to know Christie through her blog, but we've gotten together in real life a bit as well.  I remember getting together a year and a half ago and meeting at a park to talk about that very struggle.  I told her about the fertility tests we had gone through, as she was about to go through the same ones.

Christie is one of the kindest people I know.  She is so honest and sincere.  I just love her.  Well as September rolled around that year I found out I was expecting.  I was beyond thrilled.  I was also really sick.  I remember emailing Christie about something and mentioning that I was pregnant.  I was a little nervous because even though I knew she would be happy for me I wondered if it would make her sad since she had been trying to conceive for so long.

I remember sitting at Arctic Circle, letting my kids play in the playland there so I could just sit still.  I was so nauseous.  I checked my email on my phone and I noticed there was one from Christie.  I started to read it.  This was the first and only time I've ever cried at a fast food restaurant.  Christie was pregnant too and her due date was the EXACT same day as mine.  I still get emotional now as I think about it.  It was such a tender mercy.

Christie and I both ended up finding out we were having girls.  We both ended up having our girls on June 5th.  (I was induced and she had a C-section.)  We both even had our baby blessing the same day.

Christie's beautiful girl is named Ruby.  I still haven't met her in person, but her pictures are adorable and she seems like the happiest little girl with some real spunk too.

Well, Ruby was born with a major heart condition.  You can read about it HERE on Christie's blog.  And today Ruby is having open heart surgery.  She's only six months old.  And I want to help.  I think about how I would feel taking Elsa in to have surgery like that.  There aren't even words to explain how I would feel.  And I think about the medical bills, too.  Christie and her family are very strong people, but even strong people need help.

So today if you'd like to help here are a few things you can do.

1) Instagram a picture of a heart and hashtag it #loveforruby.  Christie will be able to see all the hearts and people who are thinking of her and Ruby today.  (That was organized by some thoughtful blogging friends.)

2) Leave a message on a facebook page those friends created for her HERE.

3) Purchase this printable I created below for $5.  I'll tell you more about it below.  Just send the money to Christie's paypal account.  Forward your receipt to me and I'll email you the file.  Her email address for the paypal account is and that's all the info you need to send her the $5.

So here's the printable.  It's based off the sign I made HERE.  You can order with a black or white background.

You can print it huge at Staples for about $3.  Just like I did with this file.  Read how HERE.

You can print it huge and frame it like I did HERE.

Or you can print it as a 4x6 photo and frame it.

Print all you want.  Gift it for Christmas.  And by doing that you can also help Ruby and her family.  It's a win-win.  

And thank you for reading my story today.

December 16, 2013

Natty Janes (Leather Baby Shoe Pattern)

Remember these shoes I made for Elsa a couple of weeks ago?  Well, when I made them I was doing a little pattern testing for my friend Delia.

And I'm excited to tell you that her "Natty Jane" leather baby shoe pattern is now available.  Look at all the adorable shoes she's sewn!

Her pattern is great.  Her instructions are clear and include lots of pictures.  I just made another pair recently.  I wanted to test the other version of the pattern and I still had some pink suede left (that the super-thoughtful Laura sent me a while back).  I thought it would be fun to switch it up a little and make them look a little like saddle shoes.

(I still need to add the snaps to the straps.)

The shoes require such a small amount of leather that you can buy the scrap bags of leather (that you can find at Hobby Lobby and use your coupon).  They make a great handmade baby gift.  So if you'd like to try your hand at baby shoes you can find Delia's pattern HERE.  

Thanks for reading.

December 15, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - bed head, snuggles, and orchestration

This week was a little crazy, but good - just like my bed head.  Bed head is one of the best things about short hair.  It makes waking up an adventure.

We got in some snuggle time this week.  Sometimes Baden offers to snuggle me when he can tell I'm having a hard time.  Here we are snuggling the other day right before Baden declared that I was just right up in his grill and he was done snuggling.  That kid makes me laugh.

And this kid still lets me snuggle all I want.  Yes!

I am grateful for the way God orchestrates our lives.  As I mentioned earlier this week, I am going to stop blogging.  About a month after making that decision we had the chance to help someone out.  You see, all of a sudden I have a teenager.  Really.  We have taken a sweet 13-year-old girl into our home.  She's been with us over a week now and it's been a real blessing.  It's another way I feel confirmed in my decision to stop blogging.  Even though I will really miss it, there are other things I feel like I'm supposed to do.  As I'm willing to let go, He shows me what those things are.

Thank you so much for your kind comments this week.  They really meant a whole lot to me.  And thanks for reading.

December 11, 2013

"Sew Classic Clothes for Girls" Book Review

You know how you get excited when something good happens to someone good?  That's pretty much how I feel about today's post.  You see Lindsay from the Cottage Mama just put out the loveliest book and she is such a talented and extremely kind person.  I was thrilled that she asked me to review her book.  It's awesome.

The Cottage Mama Nancy Zieman Pat Sloan I Am Momma Hear Me Roar See Kate Sew The Sewing Rabbit Girl. Inspired. Craftiness is Not Optional Made Melly Sews Kojo Designs Craft Gossip The Sewing Loft U-Create The Train to Crazy Luvinthemommyhood Sew Classic Clothes for Girls

I haven't had the chance to make anything from the book yet because it just arrived yesterday, but I am really anxious to sew a lot of things in it.

This coat caught my eye right away.

December 08, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - the end

I made a decision a little over a month ago and I think it's time to share it with you.  I've decided to stop blogging.  I have a few more things to share and I'll try to share them throughout the rest of this month, but then I don't plan on blogging here any more.

It's not a bad thing.  I think there's a time and season for everything and I feel pulled another way right now.  I truly love blogging, but I feel like it's time to let go.

This little lady hit 6 months this week, which almost gave me a heart attack.  It's going by a little too fast.  While she's still not even close to sleeping through the night, this little girl is the happiest, sweetest little thing.  She is such a gift and I want to treasure every little moment.

Baden didn't remember lighting up our cardboard box like this so we did it again the other day.  Sometimes it's the little things.  I want to have a little more time to do things like this without projects, commitments, and deadlines crowding my mind.

I cannot thank you enough for visiting my blog all these years (or however long you've been following).  I have been buoyed up by your comments, emails, and the connection I've felt to you).  I really mean that.  Thank you.

We don't have to say goodbye this second, because like I said, I plan on posting a few more things this month.  However, I wanted to let you know so I don't just surprise you with the news and never speak again.  Okay?

See you soon.  Thanks for reading.

December 06, 2013

If you're local…..

Hey guys!  I don't have a tutorial for you today, but I wanted to spread the word about this event that's happening tonight if you're local.  It's a great way to do good and have fun at the same time.  Here's the info:

Thanks for dropping by.

December 04, 2013

"M" is for.....

Katy over at No Big Dill has been sewing through the alphabet.  She comes up with really amazing clothing, based on a certain letter of the alphabet.  Well, she's also invited others to participate.  Today I'm joining in with the letter "M."  (That kind of reminds me of when they say Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter....)

So here's what I came up with.

I found this mocking bird fabric that had a nice one way stretch and I thought it would make really cute skinny jeans.  So I drafted a pattern from existing pants she has that fit her well.  It's hard to see, but there are even teeny tiny little bum pockets.

I didn't sew the cardigan.  We already had it, but I did make....

A little gold leather hair clip for her.

And then I made these little shoes (from a pattern Delia is about to release).  The shoes are still a little big for her, so she kept kicking them off for the pictures.

And lastly, "M" is for madly in love with this girl - which I am.

Thanks for dropping by.

December 03, 2013

Paper Christmas Tree

Today I'm over at the I Love to Create blog HERE with a really inexpensive DIY paper Christmas tree.

Thanks for stopping by!

December 02, 2013

Good Deed Advent - take 2

Last week I mentioned I was sharing this Good Deed Advent on our noon news.  

Well, today I have the full tutorial for you here and a link to the TV clip as well.  You can watch the short clip HERE.  (Random Sidenote: It's so weird to watch yourself on TV.  I never realized how crooked my teeth got after I lost my retainer in college.  Stinkin' lost retainer. :)

It's crazy easy to make.  I got everything from my local Jo-Ann store and this post is the last of 3 holiday challenges I was given by them.  (You can search using #fabulouslyfestive to see what other bloggers are doing this month.)

I purchased some twine, a half a yard of a few different fabrics, a bunch of paper mache Christmas tree-shaped boxes, and some Bingo pieces I fell in love with in the scrapbook section.  The bingo pieces were the only thing that wasn't on sale, but I whipped out my coupon for them.

December 01, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - my family

Time has been passing so quickly lately that it almost scares me.  I've been looking forward to Thanksgiving for a long time and now it's already gone.  It's December!  How did that happen?

This week I've been especially grateful for my husband.  He is amazing.  It's been so fun to have him home a couple of days with the holiday.  He is so good to me and he continues to impress me even though our courting years are long gone.

This little guy has always been my easiest, but he's been giving me a run for my money lately.  He's stubborn, belligerent, and opinionated, but I still totally adore him.  His eyes melt me and he often tells me he loves me more than birthday cake.  That's a lot of love, you know.

It's a really good life.  I am learning so much and stretching a whole lot.  And I'm just really glad I get to do all of that with these beautiful souls.

Thanks for reading.


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