December 01, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - my family

Time has been passing so quickly lately that it almost scares me.  I've been looking forward to Thanksgiving for a long time and now it's already gone.  It's December!  How did that happen?

This week I've been especially grateful for my husband.  He is amazing.  It's been so fun to have him home a couple of days with the holiday.  He is so good to me and he continues to impress me even though our courting years are long gone.

This little guy has always been my easiest, but he's been giving me a run for my money lately.  He's stubborn, belligerent, and opinionated, but I still totally adore him.  His eyes melt me and he often tells me he loves me more than birthday cake.  That's a lot of love, you know.

It's a really good life.  I am learning so much and stretching a whole lot.  And I'm just really glad I get to do all of that with these beautiful souls.

Thanks for reading.


The Miller Five said...

Darling kids. I love that Elsa and your husband match!

Unknown said...

is there a bit of "middle child" happening at your house ? I totally do not like clichés or pigeonholing someone because of their birth order but cannot think of anything else to explain that gorgeous young man's giving you a bad time.

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

You have such a gorgeous family! My middle child has been a handful lately too, so I totally sympathise with you.


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