Awesome Dirt Bike Tricks for Beginners

Once your child has mastered the basics of riding their dirt bike, they will probably want to learn some tricks. It can be difficult to know where to start, and as a parent you may be concerned about safety. Here, we have found some easy tricks for beginners to learn, so you can help your child learn how to perform simple tricks safely. Your child will love to show off their new skills to everyone, so learning some can be a great way to boost their confidence with the Perfect dirt bike.

dirt bike cartoon figure doing a stunt

Before learning any proper tricks, you must ensure your child can confidently land the bike after jumping every time. This will ensure they have the necessary control of the bike and balance in order to learn some tricks. If your child hasn’t mastered this yet, suggest they practice it until they can comfortably land a decent jump several times in a row.

dirt bike cartoon image doing a trick

Taking Your Feet off the Bike

A great place to start learning tricks once these basic skills are mastered is to take one foot off the bike. Whilst in mid-air, carefully take one foot off, just a little to begin with, and make sure you can still land safely. Try again with the other foot and see which is easier. Once you are really confident with one foot off, you can move up to trying both feet off at the same time. Again, just move them a little to begin with and make sure the landing is still perfect.


Taking Your Hands off the Bike

After mastering no feet, it’s time to try one-handers. Use the same process as before, starting with one hand and keeping it close to the handlebars in case you need to quickly grab it again. Once you have mastered it try again with the other hand until you can use both equally well. After getting good at this, try to move your hand further from the handlebars, raising it above your head or out to the side for example.


The Fender Kiss

Another impressive and relatively easy trick for beginners to learn with their bike is the Fender Kiss. This involves bringing your face down to meet the front fender of the bike whist jumping. It can also be done by bringing the fender up to meet your face, but this is a little bit more difficult. It’s important to remember with this trick that the change in position can lead to the bike behaving differently in the air. Therefore, it’s best to start off just moving towards the fender slightly, rather than trying to reach it straight away. Once you have learned how to control the bike with your body in this different position, then start to move closer and closer to the fender until you can reach it.


Moving on to Advanced Tricks

These are the easiest tricks for a beginner to learn on a dirt, and they will take a lot of practice before getting them right every time. Once you have mastered these basic tricks, you are ready to move on to some more advanced stunts. However, these basic moves form the foundation of many more advanced tricks to it is important to really get them right before trying anything more difficult. It is well worth spending the time getting the basic tricks perfected first, so as not to put yourself in any danger.