Best Hot Wheels Race Tracks and Playsets for Kids in 2024

In this helpful review of the best Hot Wheels for boys and girl, you are going be able to compare the most popular picks, ranging in price, brand and most fun in this latest buyers guide review.

As you may be aware Hot Wheels has been around for decades and despite the competition on the market, it still remains a classic all-time favorite for children of all ages. The best hot wheels toys may be because of the cool designs on collectible cars, Minecraft track blocks, giant loops, dynamic designs or the innovative and crazy exciting tracks that allow kids to compete with their friends in wild stunt races and crashes that have kids on the edge of their seats wanting more.

2 kids play with Hot Wheels Race Tracks toy

Whatever it is, they just can’t get enough, and while it may seem like all fun and play, cool toys are created to stimulate imagination and assist children in developing problem-solving skills along with other essential language and social skills through storytelling and imaginative play, so they continue to learn while they engage in interactive games.

Our List of Top Hot Wheels Race Track Sets

While there are many new playsets to choose from on the market today, here are our top 10 picks for learning and entertainment fun in this review guide.

1. Cobra Crush Playset

Hot Wheels from Mattel introduces the new City Cobra Crush Playset. Embark on your next adventure and become the new hero by defeating the mighty Cobra that towers over the City. Launch your car over the Cobra’s head and down its tail to crush your enemy, but be careful not to get trapped in her jaws. Compete with your friends to see who the next hero will be, or go on a rescue mission to save your friend’s car from the evil king-sized Cobra. Setting up is easy and hassle-free, build your very own City by connecting different playsets together. New sets are also compatible with the new Cobra Crush orange track. Reset by pulling the flag up to lock the Cobra in place, it’s that simple. Your child will love this new and exciting storytelling creative awesome pick playset.

This is an image of Cobra crush wheel city playset

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2. Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Gear up for wild stunts and fun crashes at top speed on a colossal Corkscrew track equipped with three highspeed mega boosters, this triple loop action-packed track will challenge your child’s skills and problem-solving abilities, as they launch their cars off of the ramps into the Corkscrew at intensifying speeds trying not to wipe out in one of the three crash zones. The Corkscrew track is designed to keep cars speeding through the loops and can be easily connected to other Hot Wheel sets to create an extraordinary world of electrifying fun. Compete with your friends and add more cars to the ramp to amplify the entertainment.

This is an image of Crokes crew crash wheel set

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3. Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play set

Standing at 3 feet tall, Super Ultimate Garage Playset is the largest Hot Wheel set around with the capacity to store over 140 cars simultaneously, and a motorized elevator capable of transporting 23 cars at a time. Prepare for more thrills and fun along with endless storytelling adventures, as you try your best to avoid the gigantic gorilla from swiping your cars of the elevator. Your child will be thrilled with the classic side by side racing track, as well as the huge jet that stores a maximum of two Hot Wheel cars, load them up and drop them off on the penthouse ramp. Phenomenal play areas and city themed features will keep your child engaged for hours of fun. Connection points on the set allow you to connect other playsets to create the perfect mega Wheels City playground.

This is an image of ultimate garage playset by Hot Wheels

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4. Spider Park Attack Playset

Creatures in Hot Wheel City? Yes, City is under attack again, this time my enormous creatures. Spark your child’s creativity and storytelling abilities with this new push and playset. Choose your favorite city location and engage in epic battles with different creatures to defeat at every turn. T-Rex reaks havoc at the grocery store, while Gator hides in the garage, Stop Ptero from launching a port attack and Dino from destroying the coaster or tango with the spider at the park. With the new connection system design, this set is able to connect with other Hot Wheels playsets including the exciting Cobra Crush orange track. Designed with toddlers and young motor enthusiasts in mind, the Spider park Attack Playset is ideal for younger kids age 3 to 8 years old.

This is an image of City spider park by Hot Wheels

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5. Hot Wheels Track Builder

If your child loves hands-on play, and building games then they will love this Track Builder from Mattel. Help your child develop their motor-skills by building their very own race track. With 3 exciting stunt tracks in one set, your child will be engaged for hours competing for ultimate glory. Kids can reconstruct their track from the Gravity Drop to the Mega Jump or simply enjoy a good Drag Race as they compete with friends and siblings. Start off with the double start launchers at the starter gate and speed your way through the double lane loops and stunt your way through the end gate. Each set comes with more than 8 feet of tracks for challenging and stimulating entertainment. Younger children ages 6 to 9 years old may require parental assistance to assemble the set. When finished, simply fold the crate up and place all components inside for easy portability.

This is an image of Track builder system race for cars by Hot Wheels

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6. Super 6 Lane Speedway Track

This new hot wheels track is the fastest on this 6 lane raceway, 8 feet race track. Experience classic drag racing at its finest against your opponent. Get revved up on your quest for victory against your friends. Realistic lights and sounds will keep kids entertained at all time. Your child will feel like a professional race car driver when he crosses the finish line and is announced the winner, while the crowd roars with applauds. Each set includes 6 Hot Wheels 1:64 cars to start the race. The set is portable with a fold-and-go storage system. Definitely guaranteed to be a family favorite on game night.

This is an image of Super 6 lanes speedway race for cars by Hot Wheels

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7. Spin Storm Playset

It’s red team versus the blue team in the Hot Wheels loop track. Another competitive challenging mega boost race track from Mattel. Maneuver your car through 3 intersecting crash zones, time your launch just right and you might avoid a collision. Filled with hit and miss thrills, the entertainment continues for young motor enthusiasts. Launch more cars for dramatic crashes and highspeed fun. The “S” designed Spin Storm race track and loop allows players to race and spin upside down as they try to knock their opponent off the track. Anything goes in this momentum electrifying activity. All sets include one race car for the playset. For more challenges and thrills, kids can connect to other Hot Wheels track sets so they’ll never be bored while playing the Spin Storm Playset.

This is an image of Spin storm lane for race by Hot Wheels

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8. Ultimate Gator Car Wash

Hot Wheels puts a new twist on car wash routines with the Ultimate Gator Car Wash playset for kids. Start the fun by cranking the collosol elevator to get your car to the top of the water tower. Once there, turn the knob on the water tower to submerge your car into the water, and watch as the color miraculously changes before your very eyes. Use the push around play brushes and other car wash features to add the ultimate shine to your Hot Wheel collectibles. Rinse and race through crazy tracks, but beware of the Gator that’s waiting to snatch your ride. Be careful not to get caught in his jaws.

Storytelling play continues for young children with endless imaginary story possibilities. Crank the elevator one more time and do it all again. Your child will continue to enhance their fine motor skills and sensory abilities with the uniquely designed water tower and cool color changing dynamics.

This is an image of Ultimate Gator car wash and race for kids by Hot Wheels

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9. Total Turbo Takeover Track Set

Get creative with the Turbo Takeover Track Set and create your dream tracks perfect for racing, stunting and showing off your skills. Similar to the Track Builder Hot Wheels Playset, kids can design their very own race tracks using a variety of layouts and connecting pieces that can be easily attached to other playsets. The playset comes equipped with 2 kicker loops, 2 car-activated stunts and a multi-directional booster for challenging building fun, and classic racing entertainment. This playset is designed to focus on developing fine motor skills and cognitive comprehension skills through creative-building for children in the junior stage. Your Child’s imagination will be both stimulated and challenged with the Total Turbo Takeover Track Set. Each cool hot wheels track comes with a building guide with easy instructions and pictures to follow; however, it must be operated with 4 C batteries.

This is an image of Track builder turbo race for cars by Hot Wheels

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10. Criss Cross Crash Best Hot Wheels Track

Big loops, lots of parking spots and 30 seconds on the clock. Challenge your opponent on the Criss Cross Crash Track. Gather your best race cars and choose your color teams, get revved up to see who will remain flying through the Criss Cross loops at the end of 30 seconds. Competition has never been this exciting on the race track with four-way loops and intersecting crash zones. Place as many cars on the car feeder until your 30 seconds is up. Kids will love the excitement and thrills of wiping out their opponents on a 16 feet figure eight-track. Enjoy motorized boosters and exhilarating close call turns. The playset comes with one Hot Wheel car and is a popular hotwheels track.

This is an image of lane race criss crosh crash track for kids by Hot wheels

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Toy Buying Guide: F&Q’s

Considerations When Choosing a Hot Wheels Toys

Toys are a great source of entertainment, but they do more than just that. They help children to learn as they play and develop essential skills that will help them to understand the world around them, as well as, interact with others. For this reason, when choosing a Hot Toys it is important to consider whether or not the toy is age appropriate. There are different types of Hot Wheels playsets and vehicles designed to meet the needs of various age groups. Age appropriate toys provide the right challenge and entertainment for your child. They also allow them to explore new skills without feeling bored or frustrated.

Another important factor to consider is your child’s general interest. If your child loves building then the Hot Wheels builder track sets would be more suitable, and if they love to engage in storytelling and pretend-play then selecting a playset equipped with exciting features that allow them to use their imagination to create endless story possibilities would be the ideal choice. As a parent creating a safe environment for your child to learn and play should be your overall goal and making sure you stick to the recommended age range will ensure their experience is amazing!


What are the Benefits of Playing with Toy Cars?

As a parent, watching your child push and pull a toy car around may not seem like a big deal, after all, making loud sounds and crashing into things seems like nothing more than entertainment for a small child; however, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies show that playing with toy cars is a great activity to assist your child in reaching essential physical, cognitive and social developmental milestones related to motor skills, problem-solving and emotional intelligence through storytelling and pretend play. In fact, children who play with toy cars have a broader view of the world and understand important social concepts. They are able to grasp and understand social cues, as well as predict how a friend or family member would feel in certain situations. This allows them to have better interactions with their peers and adults.


At What Age Will my Child Enjoy Hot Wheels?

Children begin to take a general interest in cars, or Hot cars in particular as early as the age of three years old. The vibrant designs and colors on the cars keep small children engaged, and they simply love to push and pull it around. These sets add to their curiosity and stimulate their creative side to tell stories and act out various scenarios. As they enter the junior stage their interest in Wheels playsets will continue due to the innovative trends and specially designed tracks and concepts that will challenge their imagination and problem-solving skills.


What are the Different Types of Hot Wheels Play Sets?

There are three different types of Play Sets specially designed to challenge and entertain toddlers and older children of various age groups. City playsets are perfect for children ages 3-8 years old because it focuses on storytelling and imaginative play. Action is packed with stunts, crashes and classic racing ideal for older children age 4-10 years old. The Track Builder System focuses on teaching children to build and construct race their own race tracks and is designed for older children age 6-12 years old. Large trucks and other vehicles can be purchased separately for toddlers.


Conclusion – Our Best Pick

While there are many different Wheels Playsets to choose from, the best choice would be the Super Ultimate Garage Playset. It is able to store over 140 cars allowing kids to pack and store their entire collection of cars. The best overall playset is packed with amazing city themed features that will keep children of all ages engaged in storytelling and imaginative play. Children can also compete with each other on the Duel Corkscrew Track. Other features like the giant gorilla and massive jet will add excitement to hours of gameplay. Parents and children will love spending time together building the enormous 3 feet tall playset and exploring the different play zones. Also, the garage can be expanded by using the connection points to connect other playsets.