11 Best Magic Tracks Cars 2024 – Reviews

Wondering where to buy the best magic tracks cars? If you are in the market for a new car set, magic car tracks are the one for you. In this review, we are looking at the top 11 products in the car track sets catalog.

For many years magic tracks have been at the forefront for car track designs, pushing the boundaries, from glow in the dark tracks to adjustable snapping together pieces making the fun last for hours and hours.

These quality made products will stand the test of time with the fine materials used, and with different tracks being made for all ages, there isn’t a child in the house that won’t be happy with these amazing toy racing sets.

Considerations When Choosing Magic Tracks Sets

If you’re selecting magic tracks extra cars or a whole set for your child there are a few considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure that you are choosing the right product.

Age – When it comes to age, there is always something to think about when choosing a race track set. Small intricate pieces can be a choking hazard and some remote control configurations could be too complex for younger children. Always follow the guidelines on the box when choosing the correct track for your child to prevent any accidents from occuring.

Budget – The price of a new toy for your child is always something to consider. Whether it is a Christmas or birthday present, or you even just want to treat your kids, the budget is always a thought.

The Magic Car Sets come in a range of different costs with a lot of additional Magic Track accessories which makes them great value for money. Add-on components are also available, so making an old set brand new is easy, keeping the fun alive for your children.

Size – Magic cars for kids come in all shapes and sizes. Floor space is a big consideration when buying your race car set for your child. With add-ons to factor in and changeable track pieces, the size of these RC car tracks sets can be endless.

It’s always wise to try to consider the room in your home with what product you are going to buy, or your entire home could become a glow in the dark race circuit. A great feature with most of these sets is that they will roll up when your kids are done playing with them making them ideal for storage and quick portability.

Learning – STEM learning is a big feature within these race car sets, and a big consideration when choosing any toy or gift for your child in their development years. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and is used in school curriculums all over the world, so these race sets match up with the education system all over.

This kind of learning is a great asset within the product and the initial attraction of these kits are the vibrant colours used on each and every piece, though there is plenty of learning to be had with constructing.  Hand-eye coordination and engineering motor skills are a great learning benefit that can be taken from playing with these toys.

The flex and bend technology will keep your child’s creativity skills at a high level too. Learning whilst having fun? What better reason to get your child to indulge in this product!

Top Magic Tracks Cars

1. Mega Ramp Racing Set by KidKraft

This awesome magic car for kids comes with three lights – green, yellow and red. They help countdown to the beginning of race time and give little ones plenty of racing fun! This set comes with a gliding elevator that takes passengers to the top of the parking garage and a multi-level “Mega Ramp” with a launchpad for racing cars against each another.

The gliding elevator will take passengers right to the top of the parking garage so that they can descend to the bottom again. As one of the best toy racing sets this track, featuring bright colors will attract any child into hours of creative play. 

This is an image of kid's ramp racing set in multi-colors

2. MMP Living Super Snap Speedway

The Living Super Snap Speedway helps your child to create endless track designs and configurations. The adjustable pieces allow kids to snap together then bend and flex the track into different shapes. These remote control race track sets contain 300 pieces to build with and also an added 18 bonus accessories.

The Super Snap Speedway comes with three motorized cars and is also compatible with all major track brands making it one of the best racecourses for kids. The super bright colored track makes this set inviting to any child and with tunnels and bridges, this track provides multi-layered fun adding whole new levels of excitement.

This is an image of kid's speedway mega sets in multi-colors

3. Magic Tracks Race Track Speedway

This Glow in the dark track as seen on TV will keep your child entertained for hours. The amazing tracks that bend, flex and glow make creating track designs an endless fun activity that you might even want to have a go at yourself!

This Magic Race Track Speedway comes with 220 glow in the dark pieces, adding that amazing night time play feel when your kids are racing along with this massive 11-foot track. In terms of age, the recommendation is 3 and up due to the many small pieces contained inside the box, so be mindful of this before buying.

This is an image of kid's magic tracks race speedway in wonderful colors

4. Ontel Bendable Racetrack

In this Magic Mega Track Car Set, a whopping 360 interchangeable pieces of glow in the dark track are included. The RC car set has a glow in the dark race track getting kids excited for nighttime play! This amazing mega set bends and flexes as the LED racecar zooms around the buildable, 18-foot track.

Two race cars are included, instructions, stickers and ramp attachments. The track quickly snaps together and can be bent, looped and flexed in lots of different ways. The Set is recommended for ages 3 years and up. This LED car requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included. The Mega Set is a great design for any car enthusiastic child that wants to up their racing game! 

This is an image of kid's magic mega tracks set, varicolored

5. Magic Tracks RC

The amazing glow in the dark tracks as seen on tv is another example of a way to get kids excited for playing at night time. This adjustable track bends and flexes as the LED racecar goes around the buildable, 10 foot track rapidly.

A jump ramp and a crash X section of track are included making race time more exhilarating, with the added danger of some intense high speed collisions. The racetrack toy set features 200 pieces of interchangeable track and one zooming race car. This awesome race car is remote controlled and has super realistic sound effects.

One remote control is included in the box and also an instruction guide, stickers and ramp attachments. Track pieces  quickly snap together and can be manipulated in many different ways for hours of speedy fun.

This is an image of kid's turbo race cars with remote control, multicolored

6. Toyz Glow Tracks

The Snap and Go Complete Race Car Track set for kids includes amazing 360 neon car tracks, two race car toys with full LEDs, two trax balls, one bridge, two sloping frames, one intersection, and plenty of different road signs. This colorful toddler race track toy includes STEM techniques for your little ones that introduces kids to building and engineering skills.

The rainbow racetrack brings together hands-on fun with fine-tuning motor skills for kids ages 3 and up. Racing in the dark could not be easier with custom speedways and glowing track pieces. The set also comes with two glow race cars that feature bright LEDs on them to race at any time. Track design is no effort at all with easy snap in place sections and bendy race tracks. Just put into place and start racing!

This is an image of kid's race tracks set in flashy colors

7. Magic Track Xtreme

The Xtreme race car set is an brilliant 10 foot speedway which glows in the dark. All 200 pieces of track effortlessly snap together in no time at all. The track can be bent, looped & flexed in many different ways to create a fun race track over and over again.

New Glow Trail technology will make you feel like you are racing faster than ever before. The LED carhas new technology making it even faster to zoom around the track but keep in mind that this set requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included. Due to the small pieces this track is recommended for ages 3 years and up. Again, this track can be rolled up and carried about easily!

This is an image of kid's extreme magic tracks that glow in the dark, colourful colors

8. Liberty Imports Speedway

The police track series adds a new element to the fun in your childs play. Modifiable track pieces will snap into place with ease making for eaasy and hassle-free construction. The fascinating snake like design, gives tracks the ability to transform into any shape and curve into any direction. Bend, flex and manipulate the tracks into hundreds of different designs for endless creations.

This set is a great size with a whopping 142 pieces of track and accessories which include 2 battery-operated motorized police vehicles with flashing LED lights for mega playtime experiences! Police cars will race around on the tracks chasing the balls and crashing into each other, ensuring that each race is full of thrill and excitement. This RC tracks design is made of high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic material which are 100% Safe and durable.

STEM learning is a big feature in this car track with bright colors and endless combinations to stimulate all kinds of creativity and the toy teaches better cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and visual perception in children at their development years. 

This is an image of kid's magic track with 142 pieces set in varycolors

9. Magic Trax Mega Xtreme

The Mega Xtreme set by Magic Tracks for kids is a glow in the dark race course that gets children ready for night time racing adventures. The track bends and flexes as the battery powered LED race car shoots around the buildable, massive 18 foot speedway track.

Inside the Mega Xtreme race track toy set there are 320 pieces of interchangeable track with easy snap together technology, 2 race cars, an easy-to-follow instruction guide, stickers and ramp attachments. The glow track, as seen on tv, quickly snaps together and can bebuilt in many different ways. The Mega Set is recommended for children age 3 years & up and the LED cars require 3 AAA batteries each, which are not included. 

This is an image of kid's magic tracks mega extreme set, in flashy colors

10. Magic Tracks Racers

The Racers set is an amazing track that bends and flexes and comes with glow in the dark technology. Unlike the other tracks on our list, this set brings the element of competitive drag style racing, with two racing track lanes position side by side with a definitive start and finish position.

The Track is a 12-foot Speedway Racers kit, made with vibrant colored track pieces which bend and move into many different positions, making each race more fun and exciting. In this set there are 240 pieces of glow in the dark track pieces, a start gate and a light-up finish gate. Decorative cones are also a feature, making your childs drag race track look just like the real thing!

There is also a Magic Tracks fun guide and 132 peel and stick car decals to create cool custom and modified designs for each race car. 

This is an image of kid's tracks racer set, multicolors

11. Mega Track Corkscrew Chaos

The Corkscrew Chaos is a kit aimed at older kids giving an age range on the box of 8 years and above. This is due to the technological aspects of the kit. This master set includes 20 feet of TwisTrack, which is a new design by Mega Tracks which adds loops twists and turns into the race course, giving a more ariel experience to racing.

Layouts of the tracks can be changed over and over again with the 55 construction pieces built for a wide range of customizations. You can attach a phone to your remote control to enhance your experience and further broaden imagination which is key to this particular race track.

Your child can get hours and hours of creative fun, modifying the track layouts, finding out which works best with the new TwisTrack design feature. A charger is needed for this box and is included with the set.

This is an image of kid's customizable race tack set by Lionel

Where to Buy Magic Track Sets?

You can buy these great race car sets from a variety of different places. If you decide to buy online, Amazon is your best bet, with a number of different reviews, technical specifications and product descriptions – finding the perfect magic glow track for your child will be easy.

The magic tracks store is also a great place to see the full catalogue of products available. This website is also a really good place to buy accessories to add to your child’s existing tracks, making them newer and more exciting. You can also pick up Magic Tracks Race Cars from the local high streets. Each box will give the age range specification which will make it easy when choosing which Track set is best for your child.

How to Pair Magic Track Car and Remote?

For those who are unable to pair the car, due to the remote not having the advertised on/off switch try the following instructions. To begin with you should make sure the switch on the car is in the off position – which is the middle position. Secondly, insert batteries into both of the car and the remote controls.

This next part may need a second pair of hands, but it’s possible to do by yourself – with the remote in one hand and the car close by, hold the Green Go button and blue reverse button down simultaneously. Keep the buttons held down until the red light begins to flash off and on.

The next section is where you may need a helper. While continuing to hold the two buttons down on the remote, turn the car to the “on” position. Finally, release the buttons on the remote and press the “MT” button in the middle. This should connect your car to the remote and the fun can begin!

What Can Kids Learn From Playing With Magic Trax?

A key feature to most of these light up tracks is the STEM learning aspects it can bring to your child in their younger development stages of growth. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and is used in school curriculums all over the world.

Magic Trax have incorporated this kind of learning into their toys, which is a great asset to any young learner. STEM learning is a big feature in these car track with bright colors to attracts kids and endless track combinations to stimulate all kinds of creativity. The track set helps teach better cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and visual perception in children as they engage in racing playtime. 

Where to buy magic tracks replacement cars?

Amazon is the best places to find replacement cars – check here for more.

Best Picks

After reviewing the top 11 Magic Tracks Car Sets we are going to give you our choice on what we think is the Best Buy Overall, and also the Best Budget Buy that we could find. All of the products on this list have their own great qualities but these are our top products!

Best Buy Overall

Ontel Magic Tracks Mega Xtreme

The Mega Xtreme for us is the best buy overall of the 11 reviewed. With a massive 18-foot-long track that flexes and bends into all different kinds of shapes, it’s guaranteed to procide plenty of whizzing fun. 320 pieces of interchangeable track and 2 race cars, are included in this gift set, offering great value for money. The Track pieces quickly snap together and can be bent, looped and flexed in different ways, keeping your childs imagination working for hours on end. 

Easy to construct and deconstruct, building the track i sure to bring about plenty of STEM learning. The Mega Set is recommended for ages 3 years and above and each LED included car requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included. We recommend using Duracell Quantum Reviews Batteries to keep the fun lasting for hours as they only need to be replaced after a long time. The track can be rolled up for quick and easy storage making portability effortless.

This particular set is our Overall Best Buy due to its huge, awesome size and the number of pieces that are included in this race car set. Pieces from the other sets fit perfectly within this track, giving your existing sets a new lease of life, and making the tracks even bigger and better. 

Best Budget Buy

This is an image of kid's race tracks set in flashy colors

The Snap and Go complete race car set for kids includes an amazing 360 neon car track components, 2 super fast and sleek LED race car toys, 2 glowing trax balls, a bridge, 2 slope frames, 1 intersection, and lots of different road signs. This beautifully bright and colorful toddler race course STEM toy introduces kids to building and engineering helping them to develop their skills.

The rainbow racetrack combines hands-on fun with fine-tuning motor skills for kids ages 3 and up. Your child can create custom speedways with the glowing track pieces and flex their imaginative skills for hours. The 2 glow race cars feature bright LEDs so that night time play is as easy as ever. Flexible race tracks easily snap and bend together making track design an endless activity of fun for your kids.

Just snap, bend and start racing! This kids race circuit rolls up making travel and storage easy and you can feel safe knowing that the quality of this product is a guarantee.  We have choosen this product as our Best Budget Buy as it brings learning and play together,  an essential for every home in your childs development years and the financial security of knowing if you are not fully happy with the products quality a full refund is available.