Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids 2024

Every home at some point should have a bean bag chair.  They can be used for movie nights, reading and pretty much everything you can think of. They are so easily moved around and propped-up that this makes them an ideal companion in every kid’s room. Bean bag chairs are slightly different from the bean bag, however the only difference is a slight-one and that they have a similar shape to a chair, but this is mainly to do with stitching and not any solid internal structure, which some might wonder about, maybe even thinking that it ruins the relaxing comfort of the soft feeling the original type had, but fret not it’s an all-rounder.

Alluring Bean Bag Chair

Disney Frozen Kids Bean Bag Chair

Disney is known to all kids and is among their favorite movies of all times, especially with Anna and Elsa characters. This is why anything related kids love, which is why this chair is another in this review. This is more suited for a girls bedroom and would be a great present or gift.

Material – The material is nylon and is made in the USA.

Dimensions – 19 x 18 x 16. Weight 14.5 ounces and is very light weight and can adapt to any space.

Capacity – 1 kid is ideal and for ages between 3 and 12 years it is suitable.

Safety – Good quality stitching and is very similar to the previous Disney themed bag in this review, which is designed to be child-friendly use.

Washable – No

Color – turquoise with a slight purple lining that is seemed into the stitch.

this is an image of a Disney Frozen bean bag chair for toddlers.


Chill Bag Kids Bean Bag Chair

This is a great USA made product and comes in loads of different colors, it is super-comfy and great for lounging around the house or put into the children’s room, which can’t accommodate anything too big, which makes this ideal.

Material – Micro suede and the micro-style beads are a mix of memory foam that are the equivalent to a sofa. This bag is double stitched and made to last the test of time, so your kids do not break the fabric easily.

Dimensions – 20 h x 24 w x 24 d in inches and is a good size for kids of all sizes.

Capacity – 1 or 2 kids, but ideally 1 for comfort, unless they don’t mind a cuddle.

Safety – The durable nature of these make them really safe to use. The lining of this has a zipper on the inside to prevent the possible exposure and limits the likelihood of a hazard.

Washable – This comes with an inner lining and makes washing this very easy, just simply remove then pop in the wash and dry and then pop back on the internal liner. Ideally use cold water and dry slowly without too much extreme drying techniques.

Color –  There are loads of colors to choose from and finding one that suits your kids room or your living room will be easy enough.


this is an image of a kid sitting in a black bean bag chair.


Disney Cars Kids Bean Bag Chair

This is a cool kids racing Disney themed chair, which is a perfect gift for them to enjoy and if your kid likes the movie then this is ideal.

Material – The material is 100% nylon and made in the USA.

Dimensions – 19H x 18L x 16W inches and the weight is 12.5 ounces

Capacity – 1 – 2 kids, but ideally 1 is better because of the dimensions.

Safety – This chair is ideal for children from 3 – 12 years and is designed for kids.

Washable – No

Color – Blue and Red with a car images.

This is a little less versatile and is not as well made as the other “Chill Bag”, which in comparison is better, but the theme is a cute feature and is a PRO of why I added this in the review. 

this is an image of a Disney cars bean bag chair for kids.


Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

This huge bean bag chair is for those kids who wanna chill out both adults and children of all sizes can use this bag.

Material – This is made with polystyrene and a bean filling. Made in the USA and is extremely high quality. Shredding foam and a quality made zipper makes this a good choice for kids who are going to be rough with handling the bean bag. This bag has been double stiched.

Dimensions – 48 x 48 x 30 Inches and is the largest bean bag chair for kids of all sizes and weights.

Capacity – This can sit 2 larger children, if they don’t mind huddling up watching a movie.

Safety – Designed for all ages and children of different age and sizes. The double locking feature makes the zipper able to secure the inside filling.

Washable – Yes, this bag can be washed in the washing machine.

Color – Green, but also comes in different colors.

this is an image of a lady sitting in a red bean bag chair.


Big Joe Lumin Kids SmartMax 

Big-Joe is a great company and produces all shapes and sizes. This particular bag is larger than most of the previous in this review and if your kid is slightly larger then this might be the one to go for.

Material – SmartMax material and is unique in this review with the only on so far having a water-resistant feature, which can handle rough play and is made to last.

Dimensions – 35 × 35  × 32 and weighs 11 pounds and is slightly heavier, but with such a larger capacity this can be used for 2 small kids.

Capacity – 1 kid at a time.

Safety – Double stitched and has a strength embedded into the zipper which is also double.

Washable – No

Color – Blue, but comes in all colors.

This is a superior product and offers the best quality so far, but is slightly more expensive than the rest, which can be noted as the main difference.

this is an image of a sapphire lumin chair for kids.


Small Light Pink Dot Kids Bag

This cute pink one is great for girls wanting to invite their friends over and hang-out and play together. This is light weight bean bag and makes for easy use and extremely function-able.

Material – Cotton-twill, which is really light weight upholstery.

Dimensions – 31 x  31 x 31 inches and the weight is 8 pounds.

Capacity – 1 Kid

Safety – Designed for general use, but not as sturdy a design in comparison to the “Big Joe” bag with the double stitching and double zipped features, which lessons the likelihood of a break or rupture in the fabric and therefore decreases risk of a hazard.

Washable – Yes. This can be cleaned washed in the washing machine and is a great advantage with messy kids.

Color – Comes in pink and a few other girly colors.

This is a mid-range product and in comparison, this has an all the comfort you’d expect with a touch of feminine class.

this is an image of a light pink dot kids bean bag chair for kids.


Kids Comfort Mi Bean Bag Chair

This pink padding is really soft and bouncy, making any room it sits in bright and fabulous.

Material – The inside material is polystyrene and is bouncy bean filling.

Dimensions – 24 x 24 x 22 Inches and is smaller than most in this review, but is similar to the Disney reviewed earlier.

Capacity – 1 to 2 kids huddled up, but one super-snug.

Safety – Designed for 2-6 years. The double locking feature makes the zipper able to secure the inside filling.

Washable – No

Color – Pink

this is an image of a little girl sitting in a storage bean bag chair.


Best Overall Pick

The “Chill Bag” is the best in my opinion. This pear-shaped water-resistant bean-bag has been made with Fabric that can withstand superior roughing and comes in an array of colors which can suit a wide range of homes and circumstances, which others can’t necessarily do. 

this is an image of a lady sitting in a red bean bag chair.


Best Budget Pick

The “Disney Frozen Kids” is the budget choice for and is on the low end of the budget but offers great value for money, which is great.

this is an image of a Disney Frozen bean bag chair for toddlers.


Consideration When Choosing Bean Bags for Kids

Size – is an important factor when choosing and the larger the child the bigger the bag should be, however you’re probably saying…well of course..but the amount of parents that don’t get the size right first time round would astonish you. Another important factor is, if you want multiple kids to be able to use the bag at the same time, which is preferred by some, especially if a movie is on, then a larger is the one to choose.

Seat Types: There are loads of different types of children’s seats, from bean bags to kids recliners. Have you ever sat on a new recliner with the electric button for adjusting leg position, it is bliss, which is another option worth considering and can be found at

Color – Make sure to pick the right color and get one that suits the kids, both in personal preference and matches the room. I have never liked orange and red together for example…but maybe that’s just me!!

Washable – Some come with removable covers and this makes it really easy to wash, so depending on the way you envision your child using the bag, it’s probably sensible just to make sure you buy the one that suits. My personal preference is always washable, because as we all know a spill can happen at any moment. Some are water-resistant and this is a nice feature to prevent major mess or spills, which can get soaked up.

Safety – Most have been made with safety regulations in mind, however there are some that offer greater fire-resistant beads that lessen the chance of fire in the unlikely event. There is another level of prevention and the double-stitched lining and zipper makes it hard to tare, rip or spill.

Material – The material and design is by the company Zanotta, which invented this global sensation, which is now in every corner of the world. Styrofoam is the main material and is the most commonly used. As time has passed the technology has slightly adapted, but almost all bean bag adaptations have a lovely soft bounce to them making sitting in them a pleasure. The inside of the bag traditionally and most commonly dried beans, but increasingly is becoming polypropylene and polystyrene. There is loads of different materials used on the outer layers as well and some of these are:

  • Suede
  • Leather
  • Fur
  • Denim

Types of Filler

There are loads of different types of material used and normally the higher quality the filler the more expensive, but sometimes the synthetic material is as good as the traditional bean. Most material used these days are fire-resistant and offer better protection for your family. The material used for the filler is more commonly recycled waste and is a great way to be environmentally friendly, even if unintended. The material that is used is usually polyurethane, but even broken down bottles are recycled and then used. Other types used are:

  • EPS Beads
  • Micro-Beads
  • Compressed Foam
  • Beans, Rice and Natural Fillers