Best Doll Car for 18 Inch Dolls in 2024

Dolls have always been a popular and much loved toy that all young girls enjoy playing with. Over the years the quality and design of these dolls have improved greatly and now the range of dolls and accessories are ideal for all kids play requirements. The exciting accessories that are now available to buy, such as an amazing car for dolls, make these dolls the perfect toys for imaginative play and role play opportunities, which is vital for every kids development.

There are a huge range of different dolls for parents to choose from but the 18 inch girl dolls are one of the most popular ranges. This is because they are a lovely size for young kids to play with and provide more realistic play. For added excitement there is even a great variety of accessories for dolls of this size, providing kids with endless fun and adventure. Parents will love that even though there are many different brands of 18” dolls to choose from, the accessories are often compatible with all of the brands, which is perfect when looking for great value gifts.

Parents can often find it overwhelming when trying to choose the ideal toy car for their kids 18” dolls, as there are many different options available. This guide will help you make this choice by taking you through the top selection of doll cars that are available for you to pick for your kid so that you can be certain that they will love their gift.

Considerations choosing 18 inch doll Cars


These wonderful doll cars are perfect for kids of all ages but some do vary with their minimum age recommendations, so parents of young kids should check before choosing a toy. Some of the toy cars are ideal for kids as young as 3 years old but there are certain models that are recommended for kids over the age of 6 years old, so parents need to be careful that they pick a suitable toy for their kids age.

Brand of doll

There are many different brands of dolls which are 18″ in size available to buy. The most popular brands that are seen are: American Girl, Our Generation, My Life As, along with many others. The great feature of these dolls is that the accessories, including the toy cars, are compatible with all of the brands of 18″ doll. This means that you are unlimited for choice for accessories and other play items, as they are likely to be suitable for any doll that is 18″, making these great value dolls for kids to play with.

Doll car features

Each of the different cars for dolls that you can buy have different features for kids to enjoy. This means that you need to decide which features your kid will love so that you pick the ideal doll car for them to play with. Some of the more popular features include certain color schemes, opening doors, working lights and Bluetooth radios. These cars are perfect role play toys for every child, so you are certain to be able to find the perfect car that your kid will enjoy.


1. Journey Girls Jeep

If your kid loves their 18″ doll collection then a cool car would make the perfect accompaniment. This Journey Girls Jeep is a fantastic car for 18 inch dolls of any brand, so will quickly become a much loved toy that your kid takes everywhere with them. The attractive pink and purple color scheme of the car, really makes the car appealing to all young girls, so it will be the ideal Journey Girl doll car. With many exciting features included with this wonderful Jeep you can be certain that it will occupy all kids for hours.

This amazing all terrain Jeep can fit 2 18 inch dolls inside, making it the perfect car for going on adventures with friends. The doors open and close for realistic play and they also allow easy access for each doll so they can be easily removed from the car. Kids will love the extra details that comes with this car including: working seat belts, lights and sounds making this one of the best toy cars for dolls that are available to buy. All 6 year old kids will enjoy this Journey Girl Jeep but parents should bear in mind that that this toy does not come with any dolls, so you will need to purchase these separately to ensure that your kid can have the maximum fun with this toy.

18 inch doll inside a purple car



2. Sophia’s Beach Cruiser

All kids who enjoy playing with their doll collection will love this stylish Sophia’s Beach Cruiser, which is one of the most appealing 18 inch doll cars available to buy. This cool 4X4 car is perfect for every road trip with its lovely pink and white color that all young girls will enjoy. Kids will love that this toy car for dolls can fit in 2 of their much loved 18 inch dolls and there is even space in the back for luggage and accessorizes, making this the perfect vehicle for every adventure. While this beach cruiser makes the ideal American Girl doll car, any other brand of doll that is the same size will also usually fit, so this wonderful car is versatile for many other doll collections.

Kids will enjoy that all 4 wheels move, which provides fun role play opportunities and as an exciting added extra the windshield wipers also move. This open top 4X4 is also easy for kids to get their dolls in and out of the car, so you can be certain that they will enjoy playing with this toy car. As there are no dolls or accessories included with this car set, parents will need to ensure that kids have a doll collection that they can use to get maximum enjoyment from Sophia’s Beach Cruiser. Overall this is a wonderful toy car that will be loved by all young kids.

2 small doll figures inside a purple and pink toy car


3. Our Generation Dolls 4X4

This Our Generation Dolls 4X4 Car is the perfect addition to every kids Our Generation doll collection. Kids will enjoy that they can take their favorite dolls on every adventure with this wonderful Our Generation doll car. The car comes in an appealing bright pink and white color that all girls will enjoy, making this lovely car the perfect gift idea. Though parents should note that no dolls or accessorizes are included with this amazing car.

Compared to other doll cars this one does have a simple design with less features. However, there is still plenty to love about this toy car and it is the perfect first dolls car for all young girls. Though it is part of the popular Our Generation collection this is one of the toy cars for 18 inch dolls that can be used with dolls of any brand, making it the perfect toy for every doll collection. Kids will be excited that their doll can fit inside the car for more realistic role play and that it is compatible with all of the other Our Generation doll kits and accessories, so kids can build up their own unique doll world. All kids who love their dolls are certain to enjoy this car.

2 girl doll figures inside a small doll car



4. Our Generation Retro Cruiser

For a stylish ride that every doll with love you should consider this wonderful Our Generation Retro Cruiser that comes with some amazing top of the range features, making this a popular 18 inch doll car. Everyone will love the light pink color of the car with its gold features that really make it stand out. Kids will be excited that they can fit 2 of their favorite dolls in the car with plenty of space in the working trunk for luggage. This Our Generation retro car is perfect for every adventure.

The highlight of this car has to be the fantastic features that are included as it really sets this toy car ahead of other models. Each little detail has been added to give a more enhanced play experience, which kids will appreciate. The Our Generation car with radio that works also features 4 preset songs, so your kids dolls can drive around to their favorite tunes. With working head lights, turn signals and a cool light up dashboard, this really is a high quality car. This toy car is also compatible with all other Our Generation dolls and accessorizes so is the perfect toy for all kids over the age of 3 years old who love playing with their dolls.

Retro doll car with 2 dolls, one inside and the other outside the pink car



5. Our Generation Electronic Jeep

There are many different toy cars for dolls for you to choose from, so if you are looking for the perfect 18 inch doll car then you should look no further than this Our Generation Electronic Jeep, as it is compatible with all dolls of that size no matter what brand they are. Kids will love that this pink and white jeep comes with some exciting features and accessorizes, so is the perfect toy to keep all kids occupied for hours.

This jeep is suitable for kids over the age of 3 years old and is the perfect toy for imaginative play, especially as this amazing car fits 2 of your kids dolls inside. The highlight of this wonderful jeep has to be the electronics that are included. There is a working Bluetooth radio that make this car top of the range. The lights, windshield wipers, brake light and turning lights also work and provide additional fun for all kids. This jeep set also comes with a surf board with ankle strap and rack to travel the surf board, so kids can take their dolls on exciting beach adventures. Made from durable plastic that is easy to keep clean this is the perfect toy car for every kid that they are certain to enjoy.

toy doll car Off Roader 4x4 Electronic Jeep with 2 girl dolls inside



6. Our Generation Dolls Sweet Truck

If you are looking for a doll vehicle with a difference then this Our Generation Dolls Sweet truck is the perfect option that is unique from the other Our Generation dolls cars. Kids will love the pale blue truck and the 125 exciting accessorizes that are also included. The only item that is not included with this wonderful set are the dolls.

This 18 inch doll vehicle is perfect for sharing with friends as kids enjoy getting their exciting sweet truck ready to open. With ice cream, drinks and other sweet treats included, kids will enjoy the endless role play opportunities that this sweet truck offers. In addition, this brilliant truck plays tunes and also lights up for maximum play fun. There even a towing hitch included so your kids dolls can travel everywhere with this sweet truck. As a fantastic alternative to the usual car for American Dolls and other branded dolls of the same size, this sweet truck has plenty of enjoyment to offer and is certain to be loved by all kids who seek adventure.

Dolls Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck for Dolls, 2 doll figures standing beside and inside the ice cream car



7. Battat 4X4 Vehicle

Every kid who loves playing with their dolls will be dreaming of owning an exciting doll car to complete their collection, so this Battat 4X4 Vehicle makes the perfect car for 18” dolls that all kids will enjoy. This fantastic car is perfect for role play and has the added bonus of having some exciting extra features that all kids will appreciate. You can be certain that this car will never go missing as its bright pink color with black features makes this car stand out, which all outgoing kids will find appealing.

This is one of the best American Girl Doll cars that is also compatible with other 18” dolls, making it the perfect all round car. The black roll top sides are great for young kids to use to push the car around and the working doors are ideal for using to let the dolls in and out of the car. Parents will love that this high quality plastic car is easy to wipe down and keep clean, while kids will enjoy that their car is durable and perfect for all kids play. This is a wonderful car that is compatible with other Our Generation doll sets, so kids can build their own unique play world.

4x4 Ca Vehicle for 18" Doll



8. Battat Food Truck

This cool Battat Food Truck is a great gift option for kids who love dolls and this toy is one of the most exciting Our Generation vehicles available to buy, as it comes with some lovely accessories as well as being the perfect truck for kids to take their dolls out on many different adventures. Kids will enjoy the role play opportunities that this 18” doll car offers as they can set up their mobile truck anywhere and share many great snacks with friends.

The best feature of this toy is that anything Our Generation fit American Girl dolls so this Food Truck is perfect for all kids with an American Girl doll. There are 74 exciting pieces included in this set, so all kids are certain to have plenty of fun. Kids will love the realistic kitchen sounds that the truck makes and the working lights that can be used to decorate the truck. This is a brilliant Our Generation vehicle that all kids over the age of 3 years old will love sharing with friends.

Doll Food Truck Deluxe Accessory Set with 1 doll inside the 18 inch food truck



9. Our Generation Deluxe Beach Bundle

If you are looking for the perfect doll starter set for a kid who is wanting their first doll set, then this Our Generation Deluxe Beach Bundle is the ideal option for you. This wonderful set comes with everything a kid could want because along with including one of the best Our Generation doll cars and accessories there are also 2 fabulous dolls included. This brilliant 18inch doll car and beach bundle will provide hours of entertainment.

There are many different doll vehicles to choose from but you will be pleased that you picked this one with the great features that it comes with. Kids will love the pink and white color of this jeep, with the rack to hold the surf board and the space for 2 dolls to sit in the car. For added excitement the jeep has a Bluetooth radio which kids will be fascinated to listen too. In addition, there are plenty of accessories included in this wonderful 44 piece set so kids will be able to enjoy endless beach play. Enjoy relaxing in the beach chair or catch some waves with the surf board. This is a wonderful set that every kid will love playing with.

2 18 inch dolls going to the beach with Beach Bundle accessories



10. Our Generation Ice Cream Truck

Everyone who is looking for that car gift that is a little bit different should consider this amazing Our Generation Ice Cream Truck, which comes with a wide selection of accessories. Kids will find the pale pink color of the truck appealing and enjoy that their doll can sit in the driver’s seat and drive to the next adventure. All other dolls will come to the truck for ice cream as soon as they see this lovely van. This is one of the best 18 inch dolls vehicles available that both boys and girls will love.

This amazing ice cream truck has a serving hatch and chalk board that kids will love drawing on and they will also enjoy creating new ice cream and sweet treat combinations for friends to enjoy. There is much to like about this wonderful set that is also ideal for young kids imaginative play. The only thing that this set does not include are the dolls. This set is also perfect if you are looking for American Doll car sets as all dolls of this size are compatible with the Our Generation toys. Kids are certain to get plenty of enjoyment from this exciting set.

2 dolls hanging around an Ice Cream Truck for 18 Inch Dolls, Pink



11. My Life Remote Control Car

There are very few remote control cars for dolls, which makes this My Life Remote Control Car a popular and well-loved product. This attractive red convertible car will be appealing to all young kids and they will love that 2 of their favorite dolls can fit inside, ready to go for a drive. This lovely car has many great features included so you can be certain that it will quickly become your kids favorite toy.

As one of the best remote control convertible cars for dolls, you will be able to easily tell that this is a toy that has been designed to last. Kids will enjoy that the car has working headlights and a horn that beeps for more exciting role play fun and for safety there are even working seat belts included. For added fun the car features cool racing stripes, providing superb detail. This remote control car for 18 inch doll toys is the perfect toy for all kids over the age of 5 years old. Parents can be certain that this appealing car is the ideal gift idea for all kids.

doll inside a Remote Control Car for 18" Dolls



Best Overall Car

Our best overall buy is the Our Generation Retro Cruiser as it one of the most appealing cars for dolls that also includes the most exciting features. This really is the most stylish cars for any doll to enjoy. Kids will love the working headlights, turn signals and light up dashboard that makes this Our Generation car realistic and fun to play with. The top of the range working radio with 4 preset songs is also a much loved features that is included with this lovely dolls car. Kids will have many hours of fun playing with this beautiful model car and they will love that 2 lucky dolls will able to enjoy every drive. This is the perfect gift idea for every kid who loves playing with dolls.Retro doll car with 2 dolls, one inside and the other outside the pink car



Best Budget Doll Car

Sophia’s Beach Cruiser is our best budget buy as it is one of the most versatile cars for dolls of any brand and as long as they are 18” tall they will fit inside the car comfortably. This 4X4 car is perfect for all kids imaginative play and they will get much enjoyment from the moving wheels and moving windshield wipers. The car is also perfect for 2 dolls to sit in together and with the open roof you can be certain that kids will able to get their dolls in and out of the car easily. Kids will love the pink and white color of this attractive 4X4 so it is certain to quickly become their favorite doll toy.

2 small doll figures inside a purple and pink toy car



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