Best Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds in 2024

Toddlers that are aged 2 are learning and developing all of the time, with the skills that they acquire at this age being important for them to use for the rest of their lives. At this stage, they are learning through play so the toys that you provide and the games that you spend time playing with them are crucial for their early development. Fortunately there are a great range of suitable toys that will be appealing to toddlers, so there are many educational toys and gifts for 2 year old girls and boys for you to choose from.

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When looking for the ideal two year old toys educational and learning related it can be difficult to make the final decision on which toy your toddler will prefer to play with. As a result parents will often ask where to buy educational toys from. Toy stores are the place that may immediately come to mind as they have a great range of toys that you are able to look at and compare with your other toy choices. However, if you are looking for a specific toy or are looking for more information about a toy then an online toy retailer such as Amazon would be the ideal option. Online sites often hold the complete range of gifts and toys, making your search for a specific toy much easier.

Considerations when buying Educational Toys for toddlers

When choosing the perfect educational and learning toy you should also ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you are making the best choice. What toy does your toddler enjoy playing with? There are a great range of interactive toys, noisy toys or even building toys that are great for creative play. Is there a certain skill that you are trying to encourage the development of? Most toys will help with motor development but others may also improve hand eye coordination or even encourage spacial awareness. Are you looking for a toy that does not use batteries? There are a great range of interactive learning toys that requires the use of batteries for your toddler to gain the full effect and while the initial batteries are often included with the toy, you know that for your toddler to continue to enjoy the toy the batteries will have to be replaced. Fortunately, there are a great range of educational and learning toys that do not require batteries that toddlers will love to play with. Some examples of these toys are building sets, so they are perfect for encouraging creative and imaginative play.

Top Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds

This article will take you through the best 2 yr old educational toys so that you can choose the best toy for your toddler that will also help encourage learning.

1. HABA STEM Magnetic Game

Great learning toys for 2 year olds are essential for young kids to play with as they enable kids to develop important lifelong skills. This HABA Town Maze Magnetic Game is a great example of an educational toy that is suitable for toddlers to investigate and play. The size of this game is perfect for young kids to use as it is 10 inches by 8.75 inches, making it large enough for toddlers to successfully play with but small enough for them to move as they desire. This town maze game has appealing graphics and colors that represent town life, with exciting vehicles for kids to enjoy. The aim of the game is for kids to guide the colored metal balls into the garage of the same color using the magnetic pen that is attached to the board. The board is also covered with a plastic sheet to prevent the metal balls from going missing, allowing this game to be used plenty of times. To make the game more difficult as toddlers develop, there is a roadblock that kids need to move to allow the metal balls to pass, along with a spinning roadblock that kids have to navigate to allow one metal ball through at a time. This game teaches kids colors as well as developing important fine motor skills making it one of the top STEM gifts for 2 year olds boys or girls.

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2. Bath Toy

Bath time can often be stressful for parents, as some kids do not enjoy the water and other kids like to make a mess on the bathroom floor. However, help is on hand with this great Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy that will make bath time a fun experience for all. These bath pipes are one of the most popular toys for toddlers as they are easy for little hands to use, while keeping all water inside the bath. The set comes with 5 pipes that each have a unique shape and will easily suction to your bathroom wall, so there is plenty for toddlers to explore. These bath pipes can be used individually or can be connected together but either way they direct the water back into the bath, preventing water from ending up on the floor. This is a great toy for occupying your kids while in the bath, while also being perfect for using as learning tools for 2 year old kids. After use these pipes are easy to clean with warm soapy water before being rinsed, which makes them perfect for busy parents. You can also be certain that they are safe for toddlers as they do not contain BPA or PVC. Kids will love playing with this great bath toy that has endless play options.

This is an image of Toddler's building bath pipes toy in colorful colors


3. Bristle Toy Blocks

Kids love building and being creative and these activities are also great for their development so should be encouraged. This Bristle Blocks Toy by Battat is perfect development toy while also providing the ideal introduction to these clever interlocking building blocks. These plastic blocks come in a range of bright colors making them appealing to kids and their bumpy texture provides a great sensory experience for toddlers. As one of the most popular educational toys you can be sure that kids will get a lot of use from this great set. When not in use the set comes with a handy case that the blocks can be stored in, ensuring that no pieces go missing. These great blocks are safe for kids as they are BPA and Phthalates free and are easy for parents to clean in warm soapy water. These Bristle Blocks also have added appeal as they have an exciting jungle theme and come with lovely monkey, tiger and snake characters. This great 54 piece set is one of the best educational toys for 2 year olds that is perfect for developing motor control and hand eye coordination as well as being great for allowing kids to explore different building options. This is a popular toy that both parents and kids love.

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4. Mushroom BEST LEARNING Toy

When choosing a toy for your toddler you want to pick one that will grow with them as they develop so that they get plenty of use from the toy, so this Best Learning Mushroom Garden Toy is an ideal choice. Kids will love playing with this light up Mushroom Garden as there are plenty of activities for them to enjoy. The toy has 4 different modes where they can learn to count, be introduced to colors, enjoy music and play games. This is one of the best interactive learning toys for 2 year olds that will help with their development while providing endless fun and enjoyment. The game mode will get kids to select colors and numbers and they can also follow patterns, which increase in difficulty as kids progress through the levels. The toy requires 3 AA batteries which are included, so the fun can begin as soon as the toy is opened. For the parents benefit there are 2 different volume levels so the sound can be decreased when needed but still allow kids to play with the toy. Parents can also be sure that this toy is safe for kids as the materials are free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. This is the perfect toy for kids to investigate and as one of the top fun educational toys kids are sure to develop their concentration skills, problem solving and motor functions.

This is an image of Toddler's mashroom garden toys in multi colors


5. TOP BRIGHT Tool Set

If you are looking for a toy that has multiple games, so is sure to be played with for hours at a time, then this Top Bright Toddler Tools Set is the perfect option for you. The toy packs away into a truck that can be pulled along by toddlers, so is easy and convenient to take out and about. When your toddler wants to play building then the truck folds out to form a workbench where kids can use the exciting tools for 2 year olds that are provided to create new designs. With this great set kids can learn to hammer nails, twist screws, use a wrench and play with rotating gear, all helping develop essential fine motor skills. As kids learn to use the tools they can go on to design some amazing creations such as; a giraffe, windmill or motorcycle. This is the perfect toy for encouraging imagination and role play so will be enjoyed by both boys and girls. The shapes of the tools have been created especially for young kids to play with, so you can be sure that they are safe and high quality with any plastic components being BPA free. As one of the top recommended preschool toys for 2 year olds you will be pleased that you have chosen this toy for your toddler.This is an image of toddler construction toy truck in yellow color


6. Melissa & Doug Building Blocks

Building games and imaginative play are extremely important for kids development, so a toy that encourages both routes of play is perfect for toddlers. This makes the Melissa And Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set the ideal pick for young kids to play with. The set is appealing to kids as it come with 100 exciting blocks in 4 bright colors. There are also 9 different shapes to allow kids to experiment with different building designs and create new ideas. This is a great toy that will occupy kids for hours while also providing play time that is completely screen free. Kids will develop their motor skills and spatial awareness through playing with this toy, while the act of building also helps improve their resilience. This is also the ideal toy for encouraging their math development. There are endless advantages to letting kids play with blocks, making it an essential toy that all toddlers should have chance to play with. These blocks are safe for toddler play as they are lightweight, so are easy for small hands to pick up and use. The edges are also rounded to prevent injuries when playing with them. You can also be sure that these wooden blocks will not cause any splinters as they has are coated in a durable paint. As one of the top 10 educational toys for toddlers this wooden blocks set will make a great gift idea.

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7. Educational Tablet

Toddlers will often watch adults using their electronic devices and want to have a go themselves. However, it can be difficult to ensure that kids stay safe when using devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, so parents often search for a toy equivalent. This is where the Best Learning Inno Pad Smart Fun Lessons makes the perfect toy choice as it is interactive for kids to use but you can also be sure that it is safe for them. Often 2 year old educational toys will have limited learning opportunities but not with this toy, as there are endless lessons and facts for kids to explore. This great device comes with 8 plastic learning cards with a total of 16 lesson pages covering a diverse ranges of topics including; colors, fruits, animals, weather, transportation and much more. For each lesson there are also 4 modes that kids can choose from so they can learn facts, participate in an easy or advanced quiz or enjoy the music mode. The device requires 3 AAA batteries but these are included with the Inno pad so kids can get learning and playing straight away. There is also a clever idle function where the pad will turn off after 2 minutes to save battery life. There is endless fun to be had playing with this Inno pad as this is one of the top development toys for 2 year olds.

This is an image of toddler's Educational tablet that contain various of material such as colors and alphabit and many more


8. Activity Cube

Occupying a toddler can be a difficult task unless you have the help of this great Top Bright Activity Cube that will provide all young kids with hours of entertainment. Toddlers will be attracted to this lovely toy by the bright appealing colors along with the friendly elephant character that makes up the main body of the toy. There are endless activities for toddlers to interact with making this one of the best toy games for 2 year olds. Kids will not get bored with this lovely Cube as there are 5 sides of fun to be explored. From turning cogs to counting beads, kids will benefit from this toy by learning through play. They can enhance their motor skills and enlighten their senses while enjoying playing with their favorite activities. The bead maze on top of the elephant can also be detached for convenience, allowing this toy to be easily taken out and about, as well as being great for sharing with friends. As a durable toy that is safe for young kids to play with parents can be sure that it will withstand all toddler play. This Activity set would make the perfect gift for both girls and boys as it is one of the top stimulating toys for every 2 year old toddler.

This is an image of toddler's activity cube with elephant design in colorful colors


9. LEGO DUPLO Steam Train

Duplo is always a top rated toy that is much loved by both parents and children, so everyone is sure to enjoy this Steam Train Set. This great toy set is suitable for toddlers, so it makes the best first train set for boys and girls that is easy and simple to build. As one of the best 2 year old development toys this Duplo set will help young kids to enhance their motor skills and creativity. Once the train track has been built, kids will enjoy pushing and pulling the exciting train and passenger carriage down the line and into the station, providing hours of entertainment. Kids will also love playing with the train driver, child and squirrel animal figures that are included in the set. For added excitement the train has a push and go motor, so when kids push or pull the train they will send it on its way. There are also 5 action bricks included in the set that can be placed anywhere on the track and when the train passes over them they will cause a fun action to take place such as; sounding the horn, changing direction or playing music. These great Duplo sets provide endless fun ideas for 2 year olds that are also great for sharing with friends.

This is an image of toddler's steam train with remote control by LEGO duplo


10. Magna Tiles Set

All kids should have access to great learning and education toys to ensure that they are encouraged to develop important lifelong skills. These fantastic Mag-Genius Magnetic Tiles are perfect for young kids as they will get to use their motor skills and express creative ideas while building endless fun models. This great 32 piece set is made from bright multi-colored plastic shapes so is appealing to kids. It also has a great mix of different sizes of squares and triangles allowing many different shapes to be built. Kids will use their math skills to place each geometric shape, so they will be learning in a fun and exciting way. This great set is suitable to take out and about as it is a convenient size to set up anywhere. Each tile is magnetic so models will easily hold together without the need for any messy glue or fiddly attachments to be used. This great Magnetic Tiles set will provide hours of fun for all kids and even adults can join in too. This set is also compatible with any of the other Mag-Genius range, allowing the set to be expanded for more fun building opportunities. There is no limit to the imagination when playing with this exciting game so it is the perfect gift idea for all young kids.

This is an image of Toddler's magnetic building blocks in colorful colors



Best Overall Pick

This Best Learning Inno Pad Smart Fun Lessons is our best overall pick for 2 year old learning toys. It has endless opportunities for kids to learn alongside them enjoying playing games with the Inno Pad. Kids will also love that they have their own smart device, while parents will be happy for their kids to play with this Smart Pad as it keeps them away from other unsuitable devices that may lead them onto web pages that may be unsafe. There are 16 different lessons for kids to enjoy and with 4 modes that each lesson be played in there is plenty of learning choice. Kids will enjoy learning about facts from each card, otherwise they can take the easy or advanced quizzes to show what they have learnt before relaxing with the enjoyable music mode. This lovely Inno Smart Pad makes the perfect gift idea for all toddlers.

This is an image of toddler's Educational tablet that contain various of material such as colors and alphabit and many more



Best Budget Buy

Our best budget buy is this fantastic Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy as it perfect for all toddlers to play with during bath time. The set includes 5 different shaped pipes that are easily suctioned on to the bathroom wall. Each pipe can be played with individually or can be combined together to form a maze for water to run through. Parents will love this pipe toy as it directs the water back into the bath, preventing kids from making a mess. This is one of the best games for every 2 year old toddler that will occupy them during bath time. It is also a great toy for any toddlers who do not enjoy taking baths as it will distract them from being in the bath. The pipes are easy to keep clean as they can be washed in soapy water and parents will be reassured that there are no toxic chemicals found in the plastic that has been used to produce the pipes. A great simple toy that all young kids will love to play with when having a bath.This is an image of Toddler's building bath pipes toy in colorful colors



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