Top 30 Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls 2024 – Toys & Gift Ideas

We love gifts here are StarWalkKids and put time into finding the best gifts for kids so you do not have to. Here we are reviewing 30 of the best gifts for 7 year old girls and game ideas, which we think your daughter or granddaughter will love!

You might be wondering what types of gifts for 7 year old girls we have? Well, there are young girls manicure kits, tracing pads, play tents and loads of creative gifts and popular toys here to compare.

this is an image of a Unicorn hooded sleepwear for girls.

What to Get for a Girl on her Birthday?

Many parents and relatives wonder what does a girl aged 7 like? With such a huge variety of toys and products available now, it can be tricky choosing something that you know your child will love. However, the upside of this is that there is a wealth of various toys for girls age 7 to choose from, meaning that there is bound to be something your little girl will just adore getting for her birthday or at Christmas.

Unlike very young children and toddlers, 7 years olds have enough manual dexterity and motor skills to play with gifts demanding coordination and/or fine motor skills so this opens up a more varied realm of possibilities for you to consider. Don’t limit yourself to thinking along the lines of dolls and dressing-up, she may appreciate an arts and craft set more than a Barbie doll. Finding a gift that is suitable for their age-level and tailored towards their interests is a great place to start from when considering the best gift ideas for a 7 year old girl.

Best Gift Ideas for 2024

1. Singing Machine Karaoke System

This retro-looking karaoke system would make a great gift for 7-year old girls. It boasts Bluetooth connectivity alongside a traditional CD player. Kids can record and replay their songs! Better yet, the LED disco lights create the perfect party atmosphere.

an image of Singing Machine Karaoke set with microphone in white color with LED lights surrounding the speaker

2. Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Book

This fashion sketch book is the perfect gift for aspiring fashion designers. It comes with removable stencil pages, stickers and 40 sheets of paper. Even better, there’s easy to follow instructions pages for those who want to improve their drawing ability. If the girl you’re buying for is a creative fashionista, then this is definitely the gift for you!

image of a fashion sketch book for girls

3. Lil’ Gleemerz Adorbrite Figure

If you’re after an interactive toy then this is the one for you. Bright pink and furry it’s any girl’s dream. Equipped with three different play modes, the Adorbrite can say phrases, play games with you, purr, growl and even put on a mini light show. As the name says, this is an adorable gift for any girl.

an adorable LIl' Gleemerz toy in bright pink with white furry tail for girls

4. Craft-Tastic Learn to Sew Kit

This easy craft kit teaches young girls to sew bracelets, pin cushions, backpacks, a phone case and even more! Girls can learn different sewing stitches and even embroidery. Again one for the creative girls in your life, crafts are both fun and practical, teaching skills for life!

an image of a sewing kit in a box for girls

5. Kidzlane Dance Mat

If the little girl in your life loves to be a dancing queen then why not spoil her with a light-up dance mat. Programmed with 3 arcade-style games and easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, this dance mat provides hours of dancing fun all from the comfort of your home.

image of a Dance Mat in black with four colored arrows in each corner

6. Kids Smart Watch

Pink-lovers will be obsessed with this cute and stylish pink smart watch. With this device, kids can play games, music, take photos and even do more practical functions like set an alarm or use the calculator. Safety-wise, it has an SOS call function so your kids can easily get in contact in an emergency. We think this is a must-buy gift for the technology girl in your life.

a smartwatch in combination of black and pink for girls

7. Glitter Nail Art Manicure Kit

This manicure kit contains everything a young girl could want to start applying manicures, something that many girls are starting to get interested in around 7 years old.

The set is designed to provide colorful, easy to use and safe products that a young child can use to polish their nails, apply glitter and colors and then easily wash-off and remove later. As the nail polish is water-based it means you don’t have to worry about difficult stains or applying hazardous remover.

The kit contains an emery board, 3 nail polishes, 6 pots of glitter, various gemstones, tweezers, brush, storage bag and an application tray. There is enough included in the kit to satisfy even the choosiest 7 year old girl.


  • Contains a nice amount of materials to keep them entertained
  • Will hold great appeal for young girls interested in make up
  • Easy to remove


  • Potential for mess
  • Polishes can dry out if not stored properly
Glitter Nail Art - Glitter Manicure Kit for Kits

8. Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit

This decorating kit comes complete with an aluminum water bottle with a printed design on it that your 7 years old can decorate with sparkling gemstones and the 5 brightly colored, non-toxic marker pens provided. Young girls will love being able to color in and decorate their own water bottle on their own or as part of a creative group activity. This gift idea would be good for giving a sense of accomplishment as when they are finished customizing it as they have their own uniquely-designed water bottle to use.

The bottle itself is made from durable aluminum and should be hand-washed which will remove the marker pen ink and allow your child to decorate it again as they see fit. Unique girls toys age 7 and above.


  • Great idea for artistic, creative girls
  • Aluminum construction
  • Lots of potential for creativity


  • Markers wear off eventually
  • Some reviewers have noted issues with the bottle denting easily
Water Bottle Kit, Multi Colored

9. Crayola Mini Neon Marker Kit

Marker sets are wonderful toys for girls and more are available than ever before, from glitter to neon to superhero-themed. Crayola is a trusted brand known for the quality of their products and this set is no exception. Your child can choose from a variety of scented inks to mix and measure into a custom marker for them to use.

Containing 36 mini markers, 3 ink bottles, a measuring tube, 1 snapping tool and a sticker and label sheet, this will entertain any girl who loves markers for hours on end. The instructions included feature a handy color mixing chart so they can learn all about color theory and how to mix their own colored inks, absolutely perfect for any little girl with a flair for decorating or illustration.


  • Great quality of design and materials from a trusted brand
  • The color-mixing aspect is great for repeated use, there’s no chance of them getting quickly bored
  • Lots of room for creativity


  • May require parental supervision to avoid messy spillages
  • Requires a good level manual control as there are small parts and some assembly required
Marker Craft Kit for Kids Features 36 Mini Marker Components

10. Popular Crayola Light up Tracing Pad

This is a great modern update to the traditional activity of tracing pictures that so many children enjoy. The tracing pad is a super slim tablet design with an LED backlight, your child selects from over 100 traceable designs that clip into the frame and then traces the design onto plain paper using the Crayola pencils provided with the kit.

The packaging box can double as a shadow box so it can be used in bright rooms which are a well-considered feature meaning you can supervise their activities in the same room as you. The LED light has been praised for how bright it is and how well it shines through even thick paper and its battery life is great which is an added plus point.

This product is a simple design executed brilliantly with loads of room for your special child to use their creative flair in a way that encourages attention to detail and quiet concentration whilst also crucially keeping them entertained. Can be used for stencils, tracing images or even to practice handwriting, this would be a nice birthday present for a little princess.


  • Encourages creativity and hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages quiet play and concentration
  • Good quality materials


  • Kids may not like all of the included traceable images
  • Some parents have experienced issues with the clip used for holding the paper in place
Pink Coloring Board for Kids

11. Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

As children develop and grow they may begin to foster an interest in new subjects and many have a fascination with animals and the natural world around them. This allows for some really creative gift ideas such as this terrarium for kids.

The Terrarium allows the child to plant and nurture their own miniature garden that could easily sit on a small desk or shelf in their room. Everything they need is included for them to keep their plants watered.

This is a really versatile gift option to consider as it nurtures their curiosity about the natural world, encouraging them to think about eco-systems as well as having fun designing and decorating the terrarium so both science and the arts interest are catered for. It can aid in teaching about responsibility also as they are charged with creating and nurturing living things. terrariums make great presents for 7 year old girls.

The kit also comes with glow in the dark stickers for them to decorate the jar and the figurines and decorative sand will greatly appeal to little girls too. Their natural curiosity will keep them interested in tracking the progress of the eco-system and give them a feeling of accomplishment when it all comes together.


  • combines learning with fun
  • Great combination of plants, decorations and accessories
  • Good for teaching responsibility


  • Some children may make a mess when setting up
  • Mold can possibly grow in the jar
  • Small parts
Science Kit for Kids

12. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art

Sometimes simple ideas are the best ones and this Scratch Rainbow Mini Notes gift set is a good example. using a wooden stylus, your 7 year old can scratch away at the black surface of the notes to reveal wild, bright colors hidden underneath.

Kids can use them to scratch designs, thank you notes, birthday invites, make lists or label things. Spur their creativity and writing skills as they develop their fine motor skills in a way that they will love.

The set contains 125 mini notes, a wooden stylus and comes in a convenient dispenser box allowing for easy organization and storage.


  • Simple, effective design
  • Lots of room for creativity
  • Easy to store
  • Can be used by kids of all ages and abilities


  • Some of the notes only reveal one color underneath
  • Might not appeal to kids with no interest in art
Rainbow Mini Notes and a wooden stylus

13. Relay Device Phone

Kids are asking for phones of their own at younger and younger ages – Relay is a screen-free phone that works like a walkie talkie. It lets kids contact parents and other pre-approved contacts without the dangers that a cell phone brings.

The free parental control app lets you talk to your daughter’s Relay from your smartphone, track her location with GPS to make sure she’s safe, and even get driving directions to her locations for quick and safe pickups. Relay also has an SOS button for emergencies.

7 year olds will love Relay’s fun features. It can play her favorite songs, translate her words onto 13 different languages, and even tell her new jokes every day! It’s the perfect gift to make your daughter feel like a big kid while keeping her safe.

this is an image of the relay kids screen free smartphone

14. Play Tent

A pink-colored indoor play tent is a fantastic gift idea for a 7 year old girl who is active and playful. The tent is a reasonable size, measuring 120cm at the base and 90cm in height. Being made from nylon it is lightweight and can be easily folded up and stored away in the carry case provided when not being used making it a convenient gift to have indoors.

In fine weather, it can be set up outdoors which makes it a great idea for children’s birthday parties. A super idea is to purchase some soft play balls separately and fill the tent with these to create a miniature ball pit that children are sure to love playing with. This is a versatile gift idea that will appeal to kids of all interests and backgrounds, they can really let their imagination run wild with the possibilities of using this tent as a ball pit or as part of an imaginative role-play game.


  • Attractive, pink princess design will appeal to young girls
  • Easy to set up and store away
  • Carry case included makes it easy to transport
  • indoors or outdoors


  • Balls not included
  • Lightweight construction could possibly be damaged by rowdy play
Pink play tent with balls inside

15. Drawing Stencils Set

If you are looking for a gift idea for a young girl with a passion for art then look no further, this has all the makings of a present they will truly love playing with. The lockable carrying case contains large stencils, sheets of paper,  colored pencils, a sharpener, and a 3-color pens, which we think is more than enough to get their creative juices going!

This is a great art set that will nurture creativity and fine motor skills while they engage in a quiet play activity both at home and away from home thanks to the well-designed carrying case. This could be used to help youngsters to learn about geometry or even the alphabet for younger kids so it isn’t just for playtime.

Parents have praised the sturdiness of the stencils that bear up to repeated use and the quality of the other art materials. The majority of 7 year old girls love drawing so a gift that allows them to do so in a fun creative way is a surefire winner at birthdays or Christmas.


  • Great quality materials
  • Really nice variety of activities possible
  • Carrying case if convenient
  • Will greatly appeal to most 7 year olds


  • Contains 54 pieces so there is potential for losing some of them
  • Some stencils may be too difficult for younger children to manipulate properly
rts and Crafts for Girls 300 Shapes

16. Hair Chalks

It’s common knowledge that most young girls love anything to do with makeup and dressing up and will jump at the chance to do so whenever possible. That’s why this is a great gift idea for anyone who knows a girl who loves bright colors and an interest in styling their hair. Hair chalks are popular toys for 7 year old girls.

This is a product from a range of style products designed to be used appropriately by girls aged from 4 years old to 11 years old. The set contains 10 different colored hair chalks that will work on all hair colors. The chalks are easy to apply, simply rub them onto the hair with a downward motion and to remove simply wash the color out with shampoo. A great idea for girls birthday parties as they can color their own and each other’s hair.


  • No reports of irritation
  • Very fun product that girls will love experimenting with
  • Super bright colors show up really well against most hair colors


  • May require adult supervision to avoid any messy scenarios
  • Some reports of color not showing against very dark hair
10 Colorful Hair Chalk Pens

17. Bath Bombs By GirlZone

As children grow it can be a great opportunity to think outside of the box in terms of gift ideas. They have developed personalities of their own and are beginning to move away from toys designed purely for entertainment. Keeping this in mind why not treat them to a bath bomb set?

Turn bathtime in a fun experience by adding one of these fizzing bombs to the tub and turn the water different shades of crazy color. The set contains 4 large bath bombs in scents that young girls are sure to love including  Marvellous Mango, Purely Passion Fruit, Melon-Tastic & Wicked Watermelon and as the bombs are so large they could easily be broken in half to get more use from them.

The bath bombs themselves are handmade in the UK by cosmetic experts and contain absolutely no harmful ingredients so this is one of the best gifts for a 7 year old girl who loves taking baths.


  • Quirky and unusual gift idea
  • Turns bathtime from a chore into fun
  •  Will have your little girl clean and smelling great


  • A possibility of staining the tub due to bright colors
Bath Bombs boxset

18. Kids Washable Makeup Set

An ideal present to give as a girl’s first makeup kit this product includes of products. All of the ingredients are safe for youngsters to use and are non-toxic as well as being easily washable.

The makeup included comes in different vibrant shades which will please little girls becoming interested in makeup and who want to start feeling grown-up making this a gift that they will remember for a long time.

The makeup can be easily stored away in the handy makeup bag and the fact that the makeup is easily washable is a big big plus for parents.


  • Certain to appeal to young girls
  • Comes with convenient carry makeup bag
  • Makeup is non-toxic and washes off easily


  • Some parents may not want their 7 year old to wear makeup
  • Could potentially cause a mess if allowed to stain clothing/furniture so some adult supervision may be required
makeup Set With A Glitter Cosmetic Bag

19. Bracelet Maker Kit

Another gift idea that is thinking outside of the traditional children’s toy gift ideas, this bracelet making set contains all that a child needs to create loads of friendship bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more! Suitable for 7 year olds to use, this is a fun activity that will test their concentration and dexterity skills as they craft and create their own jewelry.

Included with the gift is an instruction manual explaining how to weave the bracelets, an unbreakable loom, 24 C-clips, a strong hook and 600 latex-free rubber loom bands of various colors. If you know a child with a flair for arts and crafts then this is a great opportunity to give them a gift that will really inspire them to pursue this interest in a fun-filled and challenging way.


  • Includes enough materials to provide hours of fun and lots of jewelry designs
  • Will greatly appeal to artistic kids
  • Will challenge their dexterity and concentration, great for quiet play
  • Lots of room to grow and improve their craft skills


  • The instructions must be followed closely to use properly, may be offputting for some youngsters
  • Lots of small parts
DIY for Kids - Premium Bracelet

20. Kids 3D Pen by Medzi

If you have or know a creative 7 year old then this could be the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for them. Using the latest technology this is a safety-conscious 3D pen ideal for use in kid’s crafting activities.

We like how easy this pen is to operate, just 3 buttons operate the pen so a 7 year old girl will have no problem handling this and enjoying playing with it. The pen can be customized with the stickers provided which will hold great appeal to a creative girl. The pen was designed to work at low temperatures so there is no need to worry about potential burns from hot plastic such as could be the case with other similar 3D pens that involve high temperatures. Parents have been impressed by the fact that even coming straight from the nozzle the plastic isn’t at a high temperature so children can play with it safely.

This is a great gift to encourage creativity in children as it combines drawing, modeling and sculpting as well as technology which children love. They can use the stencils provided with the pen to aid their hand-eye coordination or they can simply use their imaginations to trace out the outlines of a 3D model they have created.


  • The latest technology operates at a safe temperature
  • Lots of potential for creativity
  • Able to be customized by your child


  • Some reviews have mentioned the nozzle can sometimes become clogged
3d pen Arts and Crafts Toy Set

21. Toy Microphone

This is a great example of modern technology being applied in a creative way towards children’s toys, it would make a good gift for 7 year old girls. This is a wireless, portable microphone with Bluetooth meaning that it can connect to a device such as an iPad or smartphone. This means that any girl who loves to sing can sing along with music via karaoke or music apps on a device which is a great bonus.

The battery, once fully charged, can last for 4-5 hours depending on usage so it can be used at children’s parties to be shared. The microphone is designed to look like a princess dress and has a sparkly pink finish and a colored light on the base that girls will love. Other features include a recording option so the singer can record and listen to their performance which again little girls will love and it can also be used as a bluetooth speaker when connected to a smart device.

These are are fun Christmas presents for girls aged 7 +


  • Can be used in different ways, as a microphone, karaoke system or speaker system
  • Long battery life
  • A beautifully designed product that will appeal to young girls


  • Kids may need adult assistance connecting to devices
Pink microphone karaoke machine

22. Pink Mermaid Tail

Lots of 7 year old girls love mermaids so this unusual gift will really stand out for any youngster obsessed with these mythical creatures.

Made from hand-crocheted material (70% cotton, 30% acrylic) this machine-washable blanket fits over the bottom half of most 3 – 8 year old kids transforming them into the mermaid of their dreams. It is a really flexible gift that can be used as a sleeping bag or just for snuggling up in bed or on the sofa watching a movie. The blanket also comes with a free mermaid necklace that your child is bound to love too.


  • memorable and unusual gift idea
  • machine-washable
  • comes with free necklace gift


  • May not withstand regular use due to being made from woven material
Crochet Snuggle Mermaid,All Seasons Seatail Sleeping Bag Blanket for Kids

23. Ourlife Waterproof Camera

Continuing with the theme of children’s tech toys, the Ourlife Waterproof Camera is an affordably-priced yet high-quality gadget that functions as a digital video recorder and camera.

This would make a great “grown-up” gift for a young girl as it allows them to learn the camera interface and then record their memorable moments. The camera is housed in a durable waterproof casing allowing it to be used underwater which we feel is a fantastic feature for kids at the pool or by the sea. The interface is simple and intuitive so even youngsters can learn to use it properly and with a 1.5 hour recording time it is a very versatile gift and would make a cool toy for a 7 yr old girl.

Included with the camera are a neck strap to make it easy to carry around and mounting kits to attach the camera to bikes or helmets so they can record their outdoor adventures. The gift even includes an 8GB memory card for them to store their recordings and photographs on.


  • Lots of great features, waterproof case, 2 types of mounts,
  • Memory card included
  • Intuitive interface


  • Lack of playback function so it requires a computer to view photos/recordings
Pink kids Waterproof Camera

24. Royalbaby Stargirl Girl’s Bike

A super gift for a girl who loves to cycle, this kid’s bike will be a surefire winner as a present. The first thing that is noticeable about the bike is how fantastic it looks, a girl will fall in love with the colors, basket, and streamers of the bike. Ideal as a first bike, it comes an enclosed chain-guard to stop the chain coming off and has non-slip pedal covers. The frame is constructed from steel so you can rest assured about build-quality and the tires are heavy-duty, knobbly rubber training tires that ensure a good grip of the ground wherever they are cycling.

Easy to assemble and reasonably-priced, this a high-quality children’s bike with some nice safety features for children just beginning to learn how to cycle or for more confident young cyclists.


  • Great build quality
  • Bikes are always popular with kids
  • Ideal for learning to ride a bike
  • Bright, fun appearance will appeal to younger girls


  • Assembly required
  • Might be too heavy for smaller kids to move easily
girls bike 14 inch wheels, Pink

25. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

If you are thinking of what gift to buy an active girl then getting them something they can burn off their energy with is a nice idea. Purchasing a well-made, fun toy for them to enjoy playing with will help to ensure they get plenty of exercise too and this pogo stick is a present well worth considering. As they get to grips with using the stick they can improve their balance and the coordination of their hands, head and feet.

Made with safety in mind, the pogo stick has a soft foam base and soft foam handles attached to a stretchy bungee cord, designed to avoid hurting little ones or scuffing surfaces. The foam base has a built-in squeaker making it more fun to use and easy to keep count of how many bounces they have done. The bright and fun appearance will greatly appeal to youngsters and the simple concept has been a favorite of children for years.


  • Simple design, no small parts to lose or break
  • Vibrant design and appearance
  • High-quality construction


  • Squeaker sound could be noisy in the hands of particularly energetic children
Pink Pogo Stick

26. Pink Walkie Talkies

For a child who adores playing outdoors walkie-talkies are a superb, fun gift for them to use when off on an adventure in the great outdoors. They can be shared amongst siblings or friends and with a 3-mile range, there are endless possibilities for them to be used in camping, playing hide and seek, or hiking for example.

Ergonomically designed, these walkie-talkies are designed to be comfortably used by small hands and with a simple push-to-talk button they can be used easily by young children. This simple idea would be a fantastic birthday gift for a 7 year old girl,


  • Lots of possibilities of play
  • 3 mile range
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used to keep in touch with a child playing outside


  • Batteries required
Pink Girls Walkie Talkie

27. Melissa & Doug Butterfly Folding Chair

A folding chair that can be used outdoors will be a great gift for any girl who loves nature. Even better if it is considerately and attractively designed to appeal to young kids.

This folding chair has a durable metal frame covered with a wipeable material so it is easy to clean after use. The edges are reinforced to avoid tearing and the color-rich design will last for years meaning that your child will get plenty of use from this chair. It can be easily folded and transported on camping trips or to the beach and with the storage pouch and carrying handle it is super convenient. The feet of the chair are widely-placed and grooved to provide traction wherever it is set up. A nice additional feature is the mesh cup holder for holding snack or a drink


  • Nature-loving girls will love using this outdoors
  • Simple, well-made design
  • Easy to store and transport


  • May possibly be too small for larger children
Butterfly Outdoor Folding Lawn and Camping Chair

28. MICO Waterproof Watch

Lots of girls are in love with the idea of being a princess and are fond of pink, pretty designs. Bearing this in mind, the Mico Girls Pink waterproof watch is a good gift idea for a 7 year old girl.

It is ideal to be given as a first watch and the traditional, analog mechanism is perfect for teaching your little one to properly tell the time, a very important skill for any child to have. The cute design and bright colors will make it an appealing way for them to learn how to tell the time and with its high-quality rubber strap it is comfortable for them to wear all day.

An excellent feature of this watch is that it is water resistant so it can be worn in the rain or splashed with water. Be aware that it shouldn’t be submerged underwater such as when swimming or bathing.


  • Great practical gift idea
  • Ideal for teaching how to tell the time
  • Cute and fun girly design


  • Cannot be submerged underwater
  • Younger kids may need help telling the time
Pink girls watch with flowers

29. Kick Scooter

Scooters are classic toys for children and have been hugely popular for years. This particular model of scooter has a number of features that we feel would make it an ideal gift for an active girl.

Manufactured with stainless steel parts, reliable brakes and an aluminum alloy metal frame it has been made to last and will stand up to frequent use. It has big chunky wheels that will safely grip the road and they even light up as an added attractive bonus feature. The scooter is controlled by leaning in the direction to steer rather than turning the handle so it is great for developing balance in your child. The base is wide enough for them to place both feet on it making it even safer to use while maintaining balance.

If your kid isn’t confident enough to stand up while riding the scooter just yet it comes with a detachable seat meaning that they can sit down whilst riding until they gain enough confidence. This is a gift that any active 7 yr old girl will get hours of enjoyment from.


  • Scooters are firm favorites with kids
  • Nice safety features
  • Detachable seat with different height options
  • Flashing wheels


  • Assembly required
pink kids scooter

Types of Gifts Available for a Girl Aged 7 at Christmas?

All kids love Christmas and for good reason, for them, it is a magical time of year when they are surrounded by family and receive thoughtful gifts and what’s not to love about that when you’re a child? Of course, girls aged 7 are no exception to this and there is a wide selection of toys, hobby crafts, and role-playing costumes that are fantastic Christmas ideas for a 7 yr old girls.

As far as gift ideas go you’re in luck with a girl aged seven as they are at an age when they are naturally super-curious and bursting with energy. At age 7 they are now ready for gifts that may take some time to assemble together or collect as well as products that require patience and observation such as nature-related toys or activities.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas we have considered and reviewed a wide-ranging selection of 22 ideas for what to get a 7 year old girl for her birthday or Christmas.

Questions and Answers 

What Should I Get for My 7 year old Daughter?

Stuck thinking about the best gift for a girl? What to buy for her birthday is a tricky question. The good news is that they are at a great age for gifts, they have outgrown simple toddler toys but aren’t at the stage yet where they’d prefer to receive cash or expensive technology as a present. There is a huge variety of gift ideas available so it is up to you to know what sort of interests your child has in order to decide upon the perfect gift idea. Is she a girly girl who loves anything to do with princesses and mermaids or does she enjoy active, physical activities outdoors? Knowing this will help to narrow down your options in terms of something that they will actually use and enjoy. There is no point buying a science kit for a girl with no interest in the subject the same way there is no point buying a make-up set for a girl who is obsessed with the natural world.

Using the above list of gift ideas as inspiration will put you in a great position from which to decide on gift ideas for a 7 yr old girl.

Here are some other great ideas: