Best Kids Gardening Tools in 2024

Hard work can be great fun as well, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a house with or have access to a garden, don’t hog all the fun to yourself and let your kids help out!  Gardening for kids is one of the best activities that a growing boy or girl can get engages in, as it has numerous health, mental and social benefits that are great for growing children.

However, your little ones are going to need special kids sized gardening tools, as their delicate hands aren’t going to be able to handle those big spades and trowels you have in the garden shed.  Don’t worry though, StarwalkKids is here to the rescue to share with you our review of the top kids gardening tools.

Benefits of Gardening with Kids

Healthy outdoor fun – When your kids are playing in the garden, they are outdoors, in nature, away from screens and electronics, have good old-fashioned fun in the outdoors. They will be curious about nature and want to know more about the natural world.

Good for the immune systems – Did you know that kids need to be exposed to dirt and germs at a young age to develop strong immune systems?  By gardening with your child and letting them get their hands dirty, you are helping their little immune systems grow and reducing their chances of developing allergies and asthma

Teaches basic science conceptsGardening with your kids is a great way to introduce them to basic scientific concepts.  By using real garden tools for children and simply learning that the plants need sun light and water, that seeds need good soil to grow, and by watching their garden bloom and change with the seasons, your kids will be forming the basics of biology and chemistry in their little minds.

Learning responsibility – Kids who garden learn that they need to take care of their plants and flowers if they want them to flourish.  They have to plant the seeds and to water them, and this teaches our children to be reliable and responsible.

Highlights the need to care for the environment – As your children garden, they will realize how precious and wonderful the environment really is, and just as they work hard to grow plants, they will want to lead environmentally conscious lives as they grow older.

Gardening is therapeutic – did you know that there is a whole growing industry around horticultural therapy?   Scientific studies are proving that gardening has a positive impact on peoples mental health, and there’s no reason why kids should be excluded.

The Review:  Best Kids Gardening Tools

For Toddlers

Toddlers might be a little to young for gardening, but why not get them started with some cool gardening tools?

Toddler Watering Can set

Whether your toddler wants to help in the garden or make some great sand castles on the beach garden, this Watering Can is another classic kids toy that will help your young one feel at home in the garden and learn about taking care of plants.  It is also made of 100% recycled plastics, so great for the environment.

We all know that kids love to imitate adults, and with this cool toddler gardening set they are ready to help mom and dad in the garden!

This is an image of toddler gardening set in green color

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Sprout and Grow Toddler Garden Toys

Let your toddler’s imagination run wild with this great set of gardening toys.  The set comes complete with everything a growing gardener will need, including flowers and vegetables, pots, a watering can, and more! These are all specially made for little toddler hands, so their are small and easy to grip.  The soft plastic is also very easy to wash.

These toys are also very educational, as your little ones will play and learn about planting seeds and watering flowers.  This will be a great way to get them interested in gardening at a young age, and they can graduate to a real kids garden tool set when they are old enough.

This is an image of sprouts grow with 9 pieces for kids

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Toddler Garden Cart and Toys

Looking for value for your money?  This might be what you want.  This incredible toddler garden tools set is jam packed with so many cool toys for your little gardener.  Its got a cart, pots, pails, spray bottle, and a whole load of tools for them to get grubby with and work alongside you in the garden.  Your toddler will be over the moon with this set.

This set is all about quality as well as quantity. The tools are made of strong and toxic free plastic to withstand wear and tear in naughty little hands, and they all have non-slip handles and rounded edges to ensure your child’s safety and comfort.

This is an image of multi gardening tools for kids

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For Kids

Remember, your kids will need to be under adult supervision when they use these tools.

Kids Garden Tool Set

Get your kids active and engaged in the garden right away with these cool kids yard tools!  This set comes with a few different options, from the full set with a wheelbarrow to just the rakes and spades, so depending on your budget and needs, you can get exactly what you want.

These child sized gardening tools are made of solid wood and have protective caps to ensure that they are child safe.

This is an image of Gard tool set with Rake, Spade, Hoe and Leaf Rake

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Pink STEM Gardening Set for girls

Get your kids outside and into nature with these wonderful gardening STEM toys.  Children will learn about the natural world and science with this kit, which includes a great little package of gardening tools and a handy carry bad, all in splendid pink colors for your little princess, so she can garden in style.

Best of all, this kids gardening set comes with a STEM inspired book, which will; teach them about about growing healthy fruits and vegetables in a way that encourages them to think about the processes of gardening and engage their brain as well as their hands.  This is definitely an investment in a lot more than just gardening!

This is an image of Pink gardening tools for kids with STEM

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Toysmith Kids 3 piece Gardening Set

Sometimes its best to start out small and then build it up over time, so if you want a little gardening tool set to get your kids starter helping out in the garden, this cool little package will be perfect for them.  Despite being so colorful and cute, this trowel, rake and shovel are real children’s gardening tools made of real metal and solid hardwood, so they will be useful and durable.

These are recommended for ages 5 and up, and they have been safety tested to ensure that they are kid friendly.

This is an image of 3 piece garden tool set with trowel and rake and shovel

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Children’s Wheelbarrow and Tools

This adorable plastic tool set has everything your kids will need to get mucky and have some great fun tin the garden with. Inside this great kids wagon are 8 tools, it will give them a perfect way to get some green fingers or just play around with.  It is also great for family trips to the beach or camping.

As this is a plastic set, it won’t be as durable as other sets which are made of metal and wood, and this is more of a children gardening toy then a real tool.  However, this will be great for younger kids.

This is an image of wheelbarrow and tools for kids

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Kids Blue Garden Tool Set

Let your kids put their imagination to the test safely and securely with these cute gardening tool set.  It has all the essentials that they will need, such as kids gardening gloves, tools, a watering can, and it has a stylish little carry bag for everything, which makes it practical for both gardening and storage.

This great little set is really good if you have limited storage, or you just want something small and compact for your little gardeners.  This is also available in pink, so it can be a great gift for a little boy or girl.

This is an image of Garden tool set with Child Rake, Tote Bag, Watering Can, Shovel and Trowel in blue color

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Red Kids Garden Equipment

Get your kids out of the house and away from all those screens and gadgets with this stylish red set of childrens yard tools.  These tools are made for real work, with high quality enameled metal and hardwood handles, so your children will be able to do some real work with these.  However, they were specially designed with delicate children’s hands in mind, so they’ll be very comfortable and easy to use.

This is an image of garden tools for kids in red color

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4 Piece Kids Garden Tool Set

This will make a great gift for children who want to help out in the garden alongside mom and dad.  These great child sized gardening tools are made of real wood and metal, so they are strong and durable, but they are small enough for your kids to feel confident using.  With 2 rakes, a shovel and a hoe, this will be perfect for helping out around the garden or clearing fallen leaves or snow.

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Melissa and Doug Child Gardening Set

A cute and adorable little set of children gardening toys from Melissa and Doug.  These plastic garden tools are very easy to clean and take care of, and will be great for a younger child who is not quite ready for a real set of tools yet.

This comes with a great carry bag, a water spray, and a trowel and fork.

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Our Top Pick

We really recommend the Blue Garden Tool Set as our top pick.  We love that it is compact, and thus easy to store in and already crowded garden shed or garage.  Also, its cool little carry bag makes it really practical for our kids to use, and also helps to store it neat and tidy when not in use.  And these are real tools made of metal and wood, not just toys, so our children can roll their sleeves up and start breaking a sweat with them, which makes a nice change from watching TV or playing on a computer.

Best of all, these come in both blue and pink, so they can be great gifts for children and adults.

This is an image of Garden tool set with Child Rake, Tote Bag, Watering Can, Shovel and Trowel in blue color

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Budget pick

For parents on a budget, you can still get your kid some great garden tools without breaking the bank.  The Toysmith 3 piece Gardening Set really has everything those little ones will need in order to get started, and the tools it provides are high quality and sturdy.  This will also make a really great purchase if you already have some tools but just want a few more to beef up a set.  Be sure to get your child a set of gloves if you buy this though, we don’t want those little hands covered in blisters.

This is an image of 3 piece garden tool set with trowel and rake and shovel

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