10 Best Nerf Bow and Arrow 2024 – Buying Guide & Review

Are you looking for a Nerf bow and arrow set? If so, you have come to the right place. In this review of the best nerf bow and arrows you will find a thorough guide to some of the best types on the market.

We have chosen 10 different bows to review here, and also have some FAQs and guides to help you find the perfect product that your child will love. First, we’ll start with some considerations when deciding between the different options available.

Considerations When Choosing a Nerf Bow and Arrow

Because there are many different types of toy bow, it’s important to carefully consider which is best suited to your child’s needs.

Age and Gender – Some of the bows are designed to appeal more to girls, others to boys. Of course, any design can be used by either gender, but many parents find girls prefer the more girly designs. The age of the child is also important to consider, as some bows are not suitable for younger children. Be sure to check the manufacturer guidelines to determine if the bow you have chosen will be suitable for your child to use.

Firing Distance – Depending on the space available, you might want to choose a bow with a longer or shorter firing distance. Older kids with a large backyard will enjoy a bow which can fire 80 feet or more, whereas younger kids will be happy with shorter firing distances. Be sure your child can always fire safely without the risk of hitting unintended targets!

Arrows Included – Most bows come with compatible arrows, but the number can vary. Most kids prefer shooting than going to collect their arrows, so in this case it’s wise to look for those with extra arrows included. This maximizes the time your child has shooting arrows, and reduces the time they will spend running back and forth to collect them.

Accessories Included – Some bows come with other accessories as well as arrows. These include targets to practice with or a quiver to store the arrows. Think about the things your child will need or would like, and check whether they are included or perhaps available for purchase separately.

Top Picks for 2024

Below, you’ll find our picks of the 10 best Nerf bow and arrow to choose from. They are all highly rated and loads of fun – read on to determine which your child would enjoy the most.

1. Green Light GoBroBrand Bow Arrow Set Kids

This suction cup archery set is a great choice for any child over the age of 3 years old. It comes with an impressive array of accessories – 6 arrows, a quiver and a practice target. Kids are sure to be impressed with the lights on this bow, which make it really fun to use at night!

The arrows use suction to stick to the target, so parents can be sure kids won’t injure themselves with sharp ends. Each arrow is around 16 inches long, and the quiver comes with a handy strap allowing kids to wear it over their shoulder. The target comes with a hanging hoop allowing it to be mounted on a wall, indoors or outdoors for some target practice.


  • Includes 6 arrows
  • LED light up function is fun


  • Quality is a little cheap
  • Target is on the small side
this is a image of a Nerf Bow and Arrow GoBroBrand toy

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2. Toysery Bow and Arrow with Outdoor Target

This is a great kids archery set complete with 3 arrows, quiver and target for improving accuracy. It’s ideal for either indoor or outdoor use – the arrows have suction cups which will easily stick to glass or the included target. All the pieces of this set are sturdy and durable, so kids can have hours of fun without worrying about anything getting broken.

This bow is great for beginners and it can be used to teach kids how to safely use a bow before they move on to a more advanced set. It is held and used in the same way as a ‘real’ bow, yet is sized for younger children. The bow also has nice smooth edges which are gentle on children’s hands, meaning it’s comfortable to hold and use for long periods.


  • Comfortable for young children to use
  • Comes with target for improving accuracy


  • Only 3 arrows are included
  • Plastic ‘toy’, may not impress older children
this is an image of Toysery Kids Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set with Target Outdoor

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3. Marky Sparky Bow and Arrow Archery Set

This bow has a great shooting distance of over 200 feet, making it ideal for older children or teens. For this reason, it has to be used in a large area to enjoy the maximum potential this bow has to offer.

It’s made from fiberglass, so it is very durable and built to last. Attached to the side of the bow is a quiver which can hold the three included arrows. The arrows themselves are foam-tipped for safety, as they shoot at high speeds.

The fiberglass bow includes finger guards on the bow string, so kids can learn to use proper technique when shooting. There is also an arrow rest suitable for either left or right handed shooters. This bow is best suited to those aged 10 years old and above, making it a perfect gift for those difficult-to-buy-for tweens.


  • Excellent quality fiberglass construction
  • Impressive range of 200 feet


  • Arrows are not as high quality as the bow
  • Packaging is cheap-looking
This is an image of Marky Sparky Bow and Arrow Archery Set,Amazon link

4. Hunterz Zing Air Bow with Arrows

The Zing bow comes with two different designs of arrow – those with suction cups and those with foam tops which whistle when shot. Kids can use the different styles for different purposes depending on what they are shooting at. There are three arrows included, but additional arrows can be purchased separately for even more fun.

The suction cup arrows are designed to stick to virtually any surface, whereas the whistling arrows can be shot distances of 125 feet or more. This set is a good choice for school-aged kids – it’s best for those over the age of 8 years old. The bow is not loaded like a traditional one, rather it uses a unique loop and launch technology. This means it can be loaded quickly and launched even faster.


  • Different styles of arrow included
  • Shooting distance of over 125 feet


  • Need to buy extra arrows seperately
  • Doesn’t load like a ‘real’ bow
This is an image ofHunterz Zing Air Bow and Arrows

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5. Blaster Stongheart – Nerf Rebelle Bow and Arrow

This Nerf Rebelle bow and arrow is great for girls and comes in two colorways they are sure to love – pink or purple. It uses darts as opposed to arrows, and they can be fired a distance of 75 feet. There are four darts included, one of which is a message dart. There is also a decoder included to reveal secret messages from the message dart!

The Nerf bow and arrow for a girl is aimed at those over the age of 8, although younger girls can enjoy using it too. Tween girls will also enjoy using this bow, so you can be sure it will give many years of enjoyment. Although the bow uses darts, it shoots as a regular bow, so it’s ideal for practicing technique.


  • Secret message dart is a nice bonus feature
  • Great choice for girls


  • Shooting distance could be better
  • Only four darts included
this is an image of Blaster Stongheart  Bow -

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6. KNEX K-Force Battle Bow

This bow is made from over 160 pieces, so building it is a great challenge for kids aged 8 years old and above. Four different models can be built using the included pieces, so kids will never get bored with this toy. Each model is fully functional, and can shoot the five included foam darts. The pieces are interchangeable with other K-Force Build and Blast sets, so there is no limit on what can be built!

Children aged 8 years old and above will have fun deciding which dart gun they wish to build, then firing the darts at distances of up to 75 feet. There are 5 foam darts included, but the gun is also compatible with generic darts and Nerf branded darts. A full set of instructions is included, so kids can follow step-by-step and build their bow. The finished bow will be strong and sturdy, thanks to the ‘rod-locks’. These make sure all the parts stay firmly attached even when the bow is being used.


  • Can build four different models so doesn’t get boring
  • Classic KNEX pieces can be used in other projects


  • Difficult for younger children to build
  • Doesn’t have a string to shoot like a bow

This is an image of Battle Bow

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7. Blazin Bow – Nerf N-Strike

This toy bow and arrow by Nerf comes with 3 huge foam arrows which can be launched up to 40 feet. There is also space on the bow to store the spare arrows, meaning they can easily be accessed when necessary. This allows for quicker reloading – perfect for those intense battles!

The Nerf arrow bow is ideal for kids aged 6 and above. It is fired like a real bow by pulling back on the string, however there is a grip to make this easier. The bow has been thoroughly tested to ensure it is of the highest quality, and it is made using safe materials. Parents can trust the Nerf brand to deliver on quality and fun every time.


  • High quality and durable
  • Convenient arrow storage


  • Only fires 40 feet
  • Does not use standard Nerf darts
This is an image of Blazin Bow - Nerf N-Strike

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8. Nerf Mega Thunder Bow

This Nerf gun bow and arrow uses whistler darts which scream as they are fired through the air. This is sure to impress kids! They can also fly distances of 100 feet, and five darts can be loaded at the same time!

However, only one fires at a time, and there are 10 darts included. This is great, as kids can spend more time shooting and less time running around after fired darts. However, if more are required they can easily be purchased separately.

The Nerf bow and arrow for boys is fired using a pull-back string just like a real bow. It’s suggested for kids over the age of 8 years old, as the string has to be fully pulled back to allow the darts to reach the maximum firing distance. This is a fun choice for kids who are looking for something a little bit different for their next Nerf battle!


  • 10 darts included reduces the need to reload constantly
  • Good firing distance


  • Difficult for younger children to use
  • On the pricey side

this is an image of ThunderBow Nerf Mega Blaster

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9. Fire Bow – Zing Air Storm Tek

This Zing bow lights up and also includes awesome illuminated arrows, making this toy extremely fun to use when it’s getting dark! Not only do the arrows feature LEDs, they also whistle as they fly through the air. Three of the arrows are included, and they are fired using the ‘loop and launch’ technology.

This is a little easier for kids, as they don’t have to master gripping the string as they would in archery. However, it means if your child later decides to take up archery, they will need to learn proper form and technique.

This bow is suitable for children aged 8 years and above. The arrows can fire an impressive distance of 125 feet, so you’ll need to use this bow in a wide, open area. It’s possible to buy extra arrows, which is ideal because of the long shooting distance. However, running back and forth to collect the arrows is great exercise for youngsters!


  • LED lights add fun
  • Excellent 125 feet shooting range


  • Doesn’t load and shoot like a ‘real’ bow
  • Only three arrows included
This is an image of Air Storm Bow

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10. DoubleBreach Blaster Nerf N-Strike Elite

This Hasbro Nerf gun fires a single dart with each shot, at a distance of up to 90 feet. Six of the darts are included, and these whistle as they are shot. Spare darts can be held on top of the gun in the holder, so they can be loaded up quickly! The gun uses pump action, and has two barrels.

Kids aged 8 years old and above will love having Nerf battles with this gun. It’s a great way to encourage them to keep fit and active – they will love running around outside and shooting at targets or their friends! The darts do come out quite fast, so take care not to fire at anyone at a very close range.


  • Six whistling darts included
  • Handy dart holder on the gun


  • Darts can cause harm when fired too close
  • Awkward to reload quickly and can jam sometimes
This is an image of DoubleBreach Blaster Nerf N- Strike EliteAmazon link

Overall Best Kids Bow

We love all the bows reviewed here, but one which stands out is the Marky Sparky bow. This one is made from premium materials, has a very impressive range and is ideal for girls who are considering taking up archery as a hobby. The Toysery bow is a great pick for parents on a budget, or for younger children who have no experience of shooting a bow. It comes with everything necessary to get started, all at an excellent price point.

Whichever option you go for, rest assured your child will love having a bow and arrow Nerf war with friends and family!


What are the Different Types of Nerf Products?

Nerf have a whole range of fun battery powered products, not just bows and arrows! There are all different types of guns in various shapes, sizes and capacities, across various different ranges. You can even find Nerf guns for launching balls for dogs! Do some research into the different ranges and products available to ensure an archery set is the right choice for your child.

At What Age Can Kids Use a Bow?

There are bows aimed at kids as young as 3 years old, whilst others should not be used by those under the age of 8. Some are aimed at tweens and teens and will be too difficult or dangerous for younger children to use.

Be sure to check manufacturer guidelines before purchase, to ensure the bow you choose will be suitable for the kids who will be using it. Younger boys and girls will need some help and guidance when they first start using their new bow, to reduce any possible risks of incorrect use.

Here are some other great picks: